E-coupon campaign for employees

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E-coupon campaign for employees

The status of e-coupons proves that these deals still reign as a powerful marketing tactic, driving more sales and profits, at the same time helping to increase brand awareness and ensure customer loyalty.

The popularity of e-coupons has shown an upward trend over the past few years. This trend will continue to grow given the benefits of this type of campaign and the developing personalization options that allow you to provide your customers with coupons tailored to their preferences. 

When we talk about e-coupons we usually think of coupons delivered to customers by default, but what about scenarios where we target e-coupons to employees? In this article, we will focus on how to create an e-coupon distribution campaign for employees using solutions offered by Synerise.  

Today's times call for exceptional solutions and, in the interest of employee health and safety, many companies decide to abandon gift cards in favour of e-coupons. 

Main objectives of the campaign 

The campaign aims to distribute holiday e-coupons among the company's employees with the possibility of downloading them at any time by the employee, printing them out and using them in the brick-and-mortar stores. 

Main challenges  

  • The campaign is intended to reach the company’s employees,
  • The distribution of coupons should be done without the physical involvement of employees to avoid face-to-face contact between employees and the HR department, which typically issues such coupons,
  • Coupons are created from scratch - starting with generating barcodes and ending with assigning personalized codes to employees. Most importantly, all coupons should be automatically generated and converted from a CSV file,
  • A space should be created where each employee can download their coupons and print them later,
  • Ability to tack used coupons for each user individually (depending on the client's business needs and the way the client is integrated with Synerise).

Synerise solution  

The implementation time of such a campaign using Synerise is relatively short because the platform has all the components necessary to implement the different parts of the campaign. Let's see what the process of implementing such a campaign using Synerise looks like. 

Coupons generation 

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Each coupon includes the following information: 

  • Expiration date
  • Coupon value
  • Barcode
  • Barcode number

Assignment of personalized codes per employee 

To start the coupon generation process, we need to have a list of recipients of these coupons along with the number of coupons each recipient should receive and the barcode numbers that are already assigned to each coupon type and the recipient (the easiest way to define recipients is to provide their email address or loyalty card number, which is already stored in their CRM profiles in Synerise).  

The best way to provide the above information is to create a CSV file broken down into columns with all the required information, which will continue to be imported into Synerise. The requirements for creating this file and instructions for importing the file into Synerise are available here

At the import stage, all the coupons that were previously defined in the file will be assigned to the respective employees in the system. They will be visible as an attribute in the user profile. Additionally, when importing the master file, you can assign tags that can help you create the main segment in subsequent campaign steps.   

For more details on how to generate a voucher pool, check out our Help Center.

Preparation of mailing and mailing base 

The next step that is necessary for sharing the coupons with your employees is mailing preparation.  

Using Synerise Communication module you need to define the audience (add a segment that you have already created for all employees who should receive coupons) then design desired content for your message and finally schedule this email or send it immediately.   

In the body of your mailing include a button that will redirect the recipient to the main landing page where employees will be able to download all coupons in electronic version or in pdf format with the further possibility of printing. 

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Follow this link to learn how to create an email campaign.

Implementation of a landing page for the download of e-coupons 

Create a landing page that an employee is redirected to when they click on a link in an email. Use the code editor options to personalize the content and interface you want to show the employee.  

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Check out our Help Center to learn how to create landing pages.

This is how we reached the end of the process of setting up a campaign coupons distribution to employees. With all the above configurations, each employee will receive a timely email with a personalized link to a landing page where they can download all the coupons that have been assigned to each of them individually. 

So, what are the main benefits of launching this type of campaign? 

  • A quick and efficient way of coupon distribution compared to the traditional approach with paper coupons,
  • Relieve other teams that previously had to be directly involved in the process of creating, designing, and distributing coupons to employees,
  • A rational approach to delivering coupons at a time when every employer should care for the safety of their employees as never before.