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Give Your Promotion Strategies More Personal Touches. Here Are The Improvements In The Application We’ve Made So Far Last Month.

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Give Your Promotion Strategies More Personal Touches. Here Are The Improvements In The Application We’ve Made So Far Last Month.

Plan your discount campaigns in selected points of sale, display promotions before activation and set the order of their display according to your needs! Get to know more news and improvements in the application that will take your work to the next level.


Starting with promotions, a feature that allows you to award application users with loyalty points, you can select stores where you want to launch promotions. This makes room to be creative since you can vary the promotion content depending on the location or events happening in your stores. 

Another bonus in promotions is splitting their schedule into display time and its lifespan. This lets you show the promotions in the application even when they are not active yet. This way you can encourage users to accumulate more loyalty points, which they can spend on upcoming promotions.

Additionally, you can influence the order of promotion display by assigning a priority to them in the form of a number.

Part of the panel for planning the campaign display time

Staying on the subject of promotions, we have good news for those who make use of personalized promotions powered by AI engine. You can determine the type of recommended products in each set of the promotion variant powered by AI engine.

Just define the range of similar products in the recommendation, the importance of product popularity and how many times you want to resend the same set of products.

The scope of improvements covers mobile campaigns as you can finally send short links in text messages. This solution will make your message look cleaner and increase CTR as the shortened links appear to be more trustworthy. Also, you save on the number of characters!

Last but not least, the big news is the new predefined dashboard that dynamically changes the context of the customer.
The dashboard is implemented in the statistics section on a customer card in the CRM. This way you receive necessary information about the customer activity, statistics about transactions and communication with every identified customer directly on each customer card.

That’s not all. Make sure to take a look at other improvements we have implemented recently:

Language selection in AI Search Engine 

Consistency between search engine language and language used in the product feed guarantees better search results and makes an impact on the buyer’s journey. To make sure your search engine provides your customers with the most accurate results, select the language while configuring the search engine.

View of the "Settings" tab in the AI Search Engine module

New functions in expressions

You can make use of the rigid format of the timestamp, by extracting pieces of data from it, such as the number of a day, week, month and year. Use expressions with these functions as a dimension in reports to add the time context.

Preview of aggregates, expressions and dynamic content

Due to the nature of the features, the preview of their results required the context of a customer. From now on, while creating one of these, you can check the results by choosing the customer identifier. 

Aggregates as charts on the dynamic dashboards 

Until now, you could only show the result of the aggregates on the analytical dashboard in the form of numbers. Our new updates lets you present them in the form of a bar or line charts.  

View of the dashboard preparation panel with two examples: Page visits and Transactions

Stay tuned! 

We’re working on new features and updates to the existing ones are already in progress.