Inserts by Metrics, Aggregates and Expressions

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Inserts by Metrics, Aggregates and Expressions

The conversation with your customer will be easier when you use the knowledge you have accumulated in your CDP. Use Metrics, Aggregates and Expressions to make your customer feel special! Check our latest article on Inserts created with the help of Metrics, Aggregates and Expressions in Synerise.

Each type of communication built and presented by Synerise can be prepared using Inserts. Inserts provide information that allows you to quantify and qualify the behavior of each client. In this article, we will focus our attention on those that arise from metrics, aggregates, and expressions.

For this reason, at the beginning of our adventure with inserts, I recommend you visit and read the basic information about:

Insert inspirations in this article will let you: encourage to buy, build a better customer experience, and make your customer come back.

Each idea consists of:

  • Message: It's already 276,493 minutes since you visited us for the last time 😉
  • Insert description: Expression using an aggregate returns the time (minutes/hours/days) since the last visit.


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I encourage you to test the following 9 ideas. A/B testing and analytics in the Synerise app will provide valuable feedback to evaluate and develop this type of communication.

Inserts encouraging to buy

Inserts based on data analyzing the behavior of a specific customer allow you to add an additional dimension of personalization to communication. Thanks to them, we can "talk" with the client in real time.

Here are some messages related to unfinished purchases that will help persuade the customer to complete them:

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Message 1: There are discounts of 93 Euro in your cart.

Insert: Expression (with Aggregates) summing up the discounts for each product added to the cart and additional discounts.

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Message 2: You only need 3 more Euros to activate the discount.

Insert: Expression that subtracts the value of products in the cart from the rebate threshold value.

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Message 3: This is your 10th visit this week. We have prepared a special discount for you ...

Insert: Aggregate returning the number of visits to the store for the last 7 days.

Inserts building customer experience

Our conversation with the customer using Inserts should be varied. All other messages that help build relationships between the store and the customer will be just as important as shopping incentives.

Time for a few examples showing our commitment. To prepare them, we will use the knowledge that comes from the events stored on their account:

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Message 4: Found only <one/two/…> interesting products? Use our recommendations or Use filtering to narrow down the search results.

Insert: Expression that returns whether the visit was longer or shorter than the others.

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Message 5: We have adapted the newsletter to the size of your <smartphone/laptop/tablet> screen, especially for you.

Insert: Expression (with Aggregates) checking the most frequently used device.

Use case

Message 6: Take part in the competition and mark our products on your <social media app> profile.

Insert: Expression (with Aggregates) checking if social media is the most common source of traffic.

Inserts to remind to return to the store

Slightly playful messages will help you attract the customer's attention when they have not visited your store for a long time. Remember not to create the impression of total surveillance by using too much knowledge about his behavior (client's behavioral profile). It is simple to overdo it, crossing the delicate border of privacy that is different for each of us.

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Message 7: Still wearing <product name>? We have a lot of new models.

Insert: Aggregate with information about the last product purchased.

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Message 8: You only saw 5% of our offer. Check out the rest!

Insert: Expression (with Aggregates) calculating the percentage of products viewed by the customer on all his/her visits.

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Message 9: Your <credit card/BNPL account> is ready, but are You?

Insert: Aggregate describing the payment method of the last order.

Inserts can, of course, contain more advanced analytics. It is up to you what you ask for and how you wrap the data up by marketing messages. Now it’s your turn to insert the insert...😉

More interesting use cases with custom events can be found in our Use Case Library.

For our Partners, we have prepared a series of workshops and inspirational meetings that expand knowledge about this functionality. If you are not a Synerise Partner yet, consider registering.