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Item comparison recommendation campaigns are here!

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Item comparison recommendation campaigns are here!

The fact that product recommendations are part of the foundation of effective on-site marketing is no longer news — everyone knows it. Still, there are new smart variations of the idea of recommendations that can get excellent results when applied properly with the right data.

Item comparison recommendation campaigns are here!  

The more data you have, the more creative you can get with new solutions. That’s why we’re excited about our newest campaign type — item comparison recommendations.  

This new functionality in Synerise combines recommendations with a twist on a very common online tool to help customers who are trying to decide between multiple models or styles of basically the same item by comparing them. We’ve made it easier than ever to both help customers make a decision instead of being overwhelmed by choice and for you to promote recommended items as well.  

Item comparison recommendations can now be another useful part of your marketing toolbox, driving engagement and conversions. Let’s take a closer look. 


Easy to use — both for you and for your customers  

Comparing item attributes is a basic task for any shopper trying to get a better idea of which option is best for them. Now, you can set up an easy comparison with product options that both interest the user and help to meet your marketing goals.  

While the products to form comparisons are automatically selected, you can manually select the attributes you want to be included as part of the comparison table. That means flexibility when it comes to adapting the comparison feature to different product categories with unique and separate attributes. Just set it up the item comparison recommendation campaign and let Synerise’s recommendation engine do the rest.  

When customers can collect all the relevant product details they need to make an informed decision in one place, that moves them a step closer to adding their choice to their cart. Even when they don’t make a final choice, the experience leads to greater engagement and an awareness that such a comparison tool is available in your store.  

The item comparison functionality leads to more time spent on the page, an awareness of more available choices and deeper engagement with your site.  


Getting started with item comparison recommendation campaigns 

Setting up your own item comparison recommendation campaigns is easy. Just go to Recommendations in your Synerise dashboard and select the new Item Comparison option.  

From there you’ll be asked to select the attributes you want to include. Just follow the simple steps!   



Select Item Comparison from the top-level menu in Recommendations. 



Select the attributes you want to use. In our example we use 3 types of events (image, type and product). After choosing attributes, you can go to item section where you can set up the number of items you want to show to your clients or set up a filter for recommended products.  



With constant pressure on margins, increasing competition, and customers with instant access to any number of choices and options, gaining a competitive edge is a must in eCommerce. When you have a chance to make their experience more convenient and deepen their engagement with your site, you have to take advantage of it.  

Item comparison capabilities serve a practical purpose while signaling that you are committed to providing an easy shopping experience. With Synerise, it’s simple to add this functionality to your site, which also enables you to promote selected items on the basis of attributes that you choose. 

Start an item comparison recommendation campaign today and see the results tomorrow!