July: Synerise Monthly Roundup

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Monthly roundup July 2020 cover

It’s the beginning of August and that’s a great time to sum up the work we did in July. Let’s cut to the chase!

Generating tracking codes

A tracking code is a key to the door that opens the world of the Synerise magic. The tracking code monitors the activity of a user on the website. Later, information gathered through the code are used for preparing analyses or for preparing customer or business journeys. 

From now on, the users can generate a tracking code on an enhanced interface. They can select the code variant that covers a specific set of features. Before, users could find the code variants only in documentation. 

As the tracking code implementation is one of the first steps new users take while starting with Synerise, we hope we will get better first impressions!

Image from app synerise presenting generating tracking code

Recounting recipients before sending an email campaign

It goes without saying that an accurately addressed email campaign is crucial for its success. That is why we prepared a new option for scheduled campaigns. When turned on, the customer segments selected as the recipients of the campaigns are recalculated right before sending the campaign. This option may turn out to be particularly useful in the case of sending campaigns to the customer segments which number can change significantly overnight. 

Messages blocked by capping statistics

The clarity of the numbers in the statistics is a must. That is why we added information about the number of messages which were not sent due to capping (limits of messages sent in a specific time period) on the list of campaigns. Inconsistencies between the number of sent messages and messages-to-be-sent can be consulted with the number of blocked messages after hovering a mouse cursor over the number of sent messages. 

Dashboard with view on statistics blocked by capping in Synerise.

Improved searching on the CRM list

The list of clients in the Synerise application has two searching options: the client filter and the search box. Using two of them simultaneously was not possible until now! The list filtered by the client filter (which allows to search for customers by events and attributes assigned to them) can be additionally filtered by four attributes: client ID, email address, custom ID and UUID by using the search box. This improvement for sure will save users’ time.

Window of contacts filter in Synerise CRM platform. View with option of analyze all contacts matching the condition of unique tag.

Jinjava in Web Push notifications

Implemented in response to a customer request, the possibility of using Jinjava in the Link and Image URL sections is a step forward in personalizing the content of Web Push notifications. The scope of Jinjava inside these sections allows users to include aggregates and expressions.

That would be all for July. We hope these improvements will come in handy for you all. We strongly encourage you to keep an eye on release notes website where we deliver product update news on a daily basis.

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