June: Synerise Monthly Roundup

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June product update

Calm before the storm – that is how I would describe the past month. We are about to stir things up for our users! By the look of the things, you would say this month was rather dedicated to improvements to the existing features, but… Between the lines, you can pick up the promise of something exciting - especially for small and medium-sized companies. Okay, no more spoilers, here we go!

Creating Business Profiles

We were working on the option of the self-setup of a business profile. For those who are not familiar with the concept of a business profile in the Synerise app – it’s a command center you create and invite users to it. In a nutshell, it’s the place from which you manage your actions towards customers, analyze their behavior and results of your campaign. We have enhanced the interface and make necessary backend arrangements to enable users to create business profiles on their own. It’s a part of our big plan – the next step is to facilitate the billing process.

Adding preferences during creating business profile

Improvements for 2FA

Some time ago, as additional security means, Synerise introduced the two factor authentication. Users can activate it on their own and when they do, from that moment they must enter the security code every time they log into the application. We figured out that there is a room for some improvement because entering a security code every time is not so convenient. That is why we have introduced recently remembering a user session. It means that if a user logs in, enters a security code, the details (such as deviceID and UUID) of this user session are saved for the next few hours, so if a user logs out, closes browser, they won’t have to enter the security code again. 

Sign in with Apple in Mobile SDK

The Sign in with Apple option is a short-cut method for creating an account in a mobile app or a website. Instead of filling out forms, verifying email addresses, and choosing new passwords, this privacy-friendly option uses the name, verified email address and unique stable identifiers to create an account. As a result, users can start using an app right away with a single click. 

The Apple Sign is mandatory for all applications that rely on 3rd party sign-in options, that is why we introduced this feature in our Mobile SDKs so our customers can enable them in their own apps. Instructions on how to do it is available on our documentation website (for iOS SDK and React Native SDK).

Changes in activity tracking in Automation 

As you probably know, every node (an item that builds a journey) has the Track datapoints option inside. It’s off by default for the nodes, except for the first and last node in the journey diagram. So far, this option switched on monitoring of the customer activity in the node. In practice it means that the movement between the steps in the journey, when the tracking is on, was saved on the activity list on the client card in the form of events and made these events available to use in creating analyses in the Analytics module.

From now on this option, when turned on, makes these events available for the Analytics module, and by default all these events (connected with the movement between steps) are listed on the list of activity in the client card. For more curious, there is more information about it on our documentation website.

Metric filter in automation module

If any of the terms used in this piece of news doesn’t ring a bell for you, check out our Automation dictionary. Get familiar with the terminology connected to the Automation module and spread the knowledge among other Synerise users.

Limits for scheduling campaigns 

Synerise is a system that performs the best while operating on the real time data that is why there are some new limits for scheduling campaigns. From now on, the users are able to plan a campaign two weeks forward from the current date. The change concerns email, web push, mobile push and sms campaigns. 

Hungry for more?

We serve a daily portion of news on our release notes website. Visit the page and be up to date with the news, improvements and bug fixes in our app! 

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