A cover image presenting customer segmentation examples in the form of a person facing different knobs, bars and diagrams

4 Inspiring Customer Segmentation Examples

How well you can get to know your clients well depends on how much data you’re able to gather about them. The more data you have, the more developed segments you can build. But the data itself is not enough. It is important to know not only how to leverage it, which segments are the […]

The image presents campaign metrics using symbols such as diagrams and percentages.

5 Ways to Analyze Campaign Metrics in Sales

These days it’s easy to analyze campaign metrics and their value in a particular channel over time. You can not only observe which segment converts best and what characterizes its members but also what communication channel is the most effective for your business. It is worth analyzing different sales channels in combination with several other […]

The illustration presents customer retention as a magnet attracting balls symbolizing customers, one of the balls represents a smiling face.

14 Hacks for Better Customer Retention Rate

Acquiring new clients costs a lot more than holding on to existing customers. Loyal and satisfied customers also buy more often, spend more and are more likely to recommend your store or services to friends. It’s clear that customer retention should occupy a very important place in your company’s strategy. Read on to find out […]

The illustration represents tips for lead generation during events by combining different symbols - a microphone, smartphone, envelope with a letter inside, chat icons.

5 Handy Tips for Lead Generation on Your Business Event

Most of the advice about lead generation concerns the encouragement of prospects through supplying them with various types of educational materials. However, at the very beginning of the sales funnel, while still building customer interest, it can be a good idea to generate leads in a unique way—by organizing an outstanding event. Here are our […]

The image represents communication channels in a lead nurturing campaign, with a light bulb in the central part and colorful wires in the upper part.

Lead Nurturing Campaign Guide: Email, SMS, What Else?

In the previous post of this short series , I introduced the topic of lead generation and listed different goals of such campaigns. In this post, I’ll take a different angle and focus on communication channels to use in a lead nurturing campaign. There are more channels you may use, of course, but I limited […]

A cover picture for a blog post about creating a buyer-persona for any business. In this picture you can see a buyer persona, omnichannel icon and retail awards icon. All elements are connected with retail market.

5 Steps to Create Your Perfect Buyer Persona

A well-known American actor once recalled the trauma he experienced when no one in the audience reacted to what he thought was a hilarious show. Devastated, only after the performance was over did he learn that he was entertaining a Serbian audience… That’s exactly what happens to marketers who don’t know who their message recipients […]

A cover image for a blog post about lead-nurturing. It contains a symbolic basket and icons representing smiling people. One icon is being picked up by a hand in the top part of the picture.

Lead Nurturing Tips for Beginners (and Pros!)

Did you know that only 14% of leads delivered by marketing departments are high quality and sales-ready? This means that sales teams are usually flooded with prospects that aren’t yet convinced to buy. Instead of bothering them with annoying messages, take a step back and plan a lead nurturing campaign that takes a softer approach […]

Implement CRM: cover

When to Implement CRM (and Why It’s Right Now)

Customers rule the market. They can choose between offers, set individual preferences and decide on the basis of their tastes, even the from modest to the most extravagant. More and more often, they don’t have the time and desire to stand in queues. They expect immediate solutions within their budgets and tailored to individual needs. […]