March 2021: Synerise Monthly Roundup

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March 2021: Synerise Monthly Roundup


Synerise already provides its users with a module that is responsible for the calculation and analysis of collected data. It’s time to present you the beta version of our solution that predicts the values for specified data aspects for 30 to 90 days in advance.

Screen present example of expressions to use in prediction module

You can predict the churn rate, OR/CTR of emails, text messages, web push or mobile push notifications, value of abandoned cart, average duration of a page visit, you name it. This way, you can make informed decisions based on the predictions.

Screen present how to set up the audience in the prediction module

The key for this successful analysis is to prepare an expression that analyzes data for the past period (for example, last 30 days). Based on the results of this expression, the system predicts its result for the next 30 days (or more, depending on the period you selected in the prediction settings). 

Screen present site with configuration of prediction module

Also, while preparing the prediction, you can define the type of results – whether you want the numbers or whether you are interested in the true or false / 0 or 1 type of answer. Later on, you can select the group of customers for whom the prediction is prepared. The remaining part of the process involves selection of model inputs (which you can set to be selected by our AI engine) and the period for which the prediction is made. 

Screen present how to build model inputs base on events

Extended scope of personalization

We know how important content personalization is for Synerise users. That is why we constantly work on extending these possibilities. From now on, you can refer to the elements from catalogs in the Communication and Automation modules. Additionally, you can refer to data from catalogs in the JSON format.

Verifying suggestions in AI Search Engine

There now is an option to validate the query phrases before indexing them in the suggestions index. If you want the suggestions to be automatically verified before they are indexed you can toggle the "Verify suggestions" switch on - if any word from the searched phrase does not appear in the index on which the suggestions are built, the phrase will not be indexed as a suggestion.

Screen presenting automatic suggestion base on min. and max. of query results

Dynamic content improvements

  • Sending dynamic content campaign when its audience is empty
    Previously, dynamic content couldn’t be displayed when its recipients’ number was equal to 0. This solution was sensible, however it prevented us from showing dynamic content in situations when the audience number increased. So that is why Synerise users can now launch dynamic content for the segments of customers that are empty.
  • Improved time of reloading changes in dynamic content
    We have accelerated the process of publishing the modifications to your dynamic content. Before the changes, it took even several minutes for the dynamic content to display the modified material. From now on, these changes are visible almost immediately. A few seconds to reload the content is the maximum time you have to wait.

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