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Match preferences to meet customer needs during Black Friday

6 min read
Match preferences to meet customer needs! Black Friday is coming!

Black Friday is coming! This is the best time to start thinking about the best promotions and offers for your clients. But how can you be sure that they will meet customer needs and they will use the prepared discounts? This question is especially hard for e-shops in which there are many different products and categories. It is a fact that no one will be interested in all of them at once. The answer is: start from collecting information about customer preferences!

Landing page collecting preferences

Almost everyone is waiting for Black Friday discounts. You can meet their expectations starting from creating a landing page that collects their preferences, for example their favorite categories, products and so on.

The main idea is to send the link to this landing page via different channels—by email, SMS or dynamic content on your website. After visiting the landing page customers can decide what kind of categories they are interested in and check the proper boxes. You can inform them that during black week they will get information only about discounts for products from the chosen categories.

Thanks to this solution you can get to know them better and be able to communicate with them in a more personalized way.

Personalized landing page with a few categories, which customers choose to get discounts during black friday


  • Every piece of information about your customer is worth its weight in gold.

Do not forget that gathered data can also be useful later. Information gained about favorite categories can help you prepare personalized recommendations on the website later.

  • Personalization is the key.

It is a fact that personalized offers are more effective than others. If you put an accent on preparing content that customers are expecting and waiting for, you have a bigger chance that more of them will decide to use the discounts and coupons.

  • A great place to acquire new customers!

After visiting the landing page, they just have to provide an email address, so the landing page is also a great place to get new leads.

How to use collected data

Collected data can be assigned to specific customers. You can use it in many different and creative ways – you can choose any of them, just be sure that user gets the personalized message. Let’s look at a few ideas that can be a great inspiration for your marketing activities!

  • Use basic personalized campaigns

Based on the answers gathered from the landing page you can personalize the products and offers that you send to customers during black week. You can use it in a basic personalized email with a section where only products/discounts from chosen categories will be seen.

In this way you do not need to send the same email to everyone, and you can meet customer needs and send them info about discounts and offers they are waiting for.

  • Create personalized landing page

You can go a step further and create a personalized Black Friday landing page suited for every customer! Add personalized elements like a slider with discounted products from chosen categories. It gives the impression that it was created especially for a specific customer.

You can also add at the top of the page the name of customer to make it more personalized.

It will be a great occasion for your customer to avoid offers he is not interested in, and it makes the searching process much easier for him!

During black week display the invitation to enter the site via email/sms/web push.

Personalzied landing page with offers personalized for each customer
  • Webpush with discount code for a specific category

Webpush campaigns have a great chance to catch your customers’ attention, but from the other side it is very short message. Add personalized discount codes for products from chosen categories to be sure that customer can be interested in it.

  • Personalized slider and products on the home page

Don't just limit yourself to personalized campaigns. You can also personalize sliders on your website presenting discounts from the category chosen by customer first.

Below you can add a few discounted products from the chosen category to be sure that the user will see products which can be interesting for them first.

This can make your website more engaging and will make your customer more willing to make a purchase.

If someone did not fill the form on your landing you can use the default slider settings.

How to do it

  1. Prepare landing page, with form where customer can put his email address and select categories interesting for him. When user fill a form, data will be collected on his card in CRM - you can use them to create segments.
  2. Decide how to promote this landing page – you can do it as totally internal, but we recommend that you also promote it on your website e.g., in the form of dynamic content like a pop up visible after entering the site.
  3. Gathered data is assigned automatically to user profiles in your CRM and used in creating segments which will take into account customers who have chosen specific categories on your landing page.
  4. Remember to send campaigns with information about promotions in specific categories to your segments. You can send them via email, SMS, or use web push campaigns. You can set up an automation or just create a simple campaign and send it directly to specific clients to make sure that only people who are interested in this category will get the message.


You can create this kind of landing page independently for any occasion, but Black Friday can be a great time to do it! People are waiting for the best offers, so you can easily encourage them to use your landing page to be sure that they get what they want! It is a win-win strategy; they avoid content that they are not interested in, and you can gain more information about your customers!