Moving recommendations to a whole new level

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Moving recommendations to a whole new level

Our Recommendation module gives you the opportunity to get the most of your data and create different types of recommendations based on your business needs. If you are already an active user of our AI recommendation engine, you have already experienced the benefits of existing recommendation types.


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But can you think of other types of recommendations that could potentially be used in your business? What if we told you that we answered this question for you and created original, one-of-a-kind recommendations with unique capabilities you haven’t seen yet? Let’s delve into more details. 

Imagine that in addition to product recommendations, you can also recommend categories, brands, styles, and any other quality of your product.

Sounds interesting and unconventional, right? 

We are unlocking the possibilities of recommendations and moving beyond recommending products. 

Brand recommendations using attribute recommendations

Using the information about the brand of products contained in the product feed, you can create a recommendation frame with images of brand logos that you would like to show to the customer. Brands will be selected by our AI engine, they can also be defined directly via filters, and metrics can help you prioritize your recommendation results.

To learn more about attribute recommendations visit our user guide.

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These are not all novelties, in addition, we enable the creation of section recommendations that arise as a result of combining attribute recommendations with product recommendations.

Section recommendations

Now you can create personalized, full-page recommendations by dedicating each recommendation section to any product feature included in your item catalog. Importantly, the type of sections will be selected by the recommendation AI engine along with the products that appear in each section, allowing you to create full-page recommendations dedicated to each individual customer.

To learn more about attribute recommendations visit our user guide.

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Why use new type of recommendations?

  • Create a recommendation based on a given product attribute
  • A bold solution that allows you to create even more structured and thoughtful recommendations
  • A unique way to create an eye-catching full-page recommendation

Discover our new Use Cases!

Personalise entire homepage with section recommendation

Using a retail website as an example, you will learn how to personalize the homepage with section recommendations that customize the entire page to the customer's preferences. 

Personalised brand recommendation

Learn how to create personalized brand recommendations on a category page, increasing customer conversion rates. 

Personalised category recommendation on home page

Learn how to create category recommendations predicted for individual users using AI-based models.


Visit our User Guide to learn more about the new recommendation types 

Harness the power of new recommendations and leverage the state-of-art tools and technology to scale your brand and grow your business!