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Check What New Product Updates Were Implemented in November 2019

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November News: Let’s Take a Look at Screen Views and Companionship

As we head into the Christmas season, our elves are hard at work and delivering new innovations to the platform. Let's take a closer look at what we managed to improve at Synerise last month: screen views, new API key service and security!

Screen views 

A screen view campaign allows you to recycle documents you may have had a chance to create in the application and dedicate their display to specific groups of customers. This is a subsequent feature that allows you to use the power of content personalization to display it to those who are interested in it the most.  

Just to refresh your memory, documents allow users to build mobile applications or create single elements to be displayed in an application. All you need is content encoded in JSON format and the use of coherent scheme nomenclature while building documents. 

All of these allow you to develop mobile applications without the necessity of releasing other versions and even recycle the content you created in the Synerise application, so you can develop coherent marketing communication.  

New API key service 

API keys serve to track and control the use of API. From now on, you can create API keys and assign permissions to each of them. This way you can define the API methods allowed for one API key and create customized API keys needed for particular integrations.  

Additionally, such a structure ensures safety when a key is stolen. As an additional form of protection, there is a possibility of defining IP addresses where the given API key can be used.  

New Api Key Service - preview


This month we really dedicated our forces to improving security mechanisms in our platform. 

  • Client account lock on unknown sign-in origin – each time an unknown device ID and UUID is detected while logging in, such attempt is immediately blocked, and an email notification is sent with details about the unknown sign-in attempt.  
  • IP restriction on Business Profile API keys – users are able to create a sub-network of IP addresses that allow users to log in to the application.

Here are some other improvements and upgrades we’ve recently released: 

  • Generating events for customers directly from CRM – you can use option of sending a custom event straight from the customer card in the CRM section. This universal solution creates a lot of opportunities for users, especially for those who work on an application that grants loyalty points. This option is especially helpful with handling customer complaints and related actions. 
  • Barcodes in email templates – Synerise users are now able to insert barcodes in email templates. Check out some technical information on how to do it in a quick and easy way. 
  • Preview of customers who made it to every step in Sankey charts - get even deeper insights in Sankey analyses. You are now able to check the list of customers who made through every path. Go to the preview of any analysis, click any stop between the steps under the Step column and select the Open in CRM option. 
  • Promotion optimization - our new cool module that lets you expand campaign options with promotions have undergone many optimization improvements, so the module works even more smoothly due to the smaller number of requests. 
  • Catalog optimization – catalogs are now ready to receive large files in a greater frequency.

Curious about what we will be working on in December?  
Stay tuned and think about what new features you will find under the Synerise Christmas tree! 

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