November 2020: Synerise Monthly Roundup

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November: Synerise Monthly Roundup

Before the busiest time of the year, we have managed to add some essential improvements to the Synerise application. It’s just a small teaser before the big release of new user management features. For now, let’s have a quick look at what we’ve done recently.

Selection and exclusion of products in promotions

New Api Key Service - preview

This time we have increased the flexibility in defining the products to be included or excluded while creating a promotion for your customers.  You can exclude some products or even an entire catalog of products if they don’t go with the theme of your discount campaign or they simply are don’t match the preferences for the audience of certain age the discount is prepared for. In the same way, you can select specific products to a promotion to create a unique set of discounted products. Just a reminder, you can distribute promotions created in Synerise in your mobile application and in points of sales. 

Defining goals in dynamic content

Defining goals in dynamic content in Synerise

This is really exciting news as we spiced up the Dynamic content creator with the AI capabilities. You define a goal you want to achieve with the dynamic content campaign (it can be anything you want, as you define the goal by means of events) and the AI engine selects for a customer a variant of the dynamic content that is most likely to bring you closer to the goal. You just need to prepare several variants of the dynamic content campaign and the AI engine will do the rest for you! 

Possibility to define allow-list for the campaign types

Possibility to define allow-list for the campaign types Kategoria: Product

We have also great news when it comes to access management in the Synerise application. We extended the scope of permissions in the Campaign module – you can limit the access in the Campaign module to specific campaign types only (email, SMS, dynamic content, web push, and so on). This way you gain more control over users who can access the campaign module. 

Hungry for more? 

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