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October Improvements: New Permission Management and much more!

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October Improvements: New Permission Management and much more!

In October we dedicated ourselves to refining the permission module. This decision was inspired by our ongoing commitment to enhancing the comfort of users and, most importantly, by the need for a reliable and intuitive tool that allows them to distribute permissions for access to important data in the application. Let’s see what other features accompanied the big change in the app!

Define permissions for user roles in a new way  

The system of permissions in Synerise is role-based, which means that every user added to a business profile starts a journey in the application playing a specific role. This role allows users to access a given set of modules because a user role is just a collection of permissions.  
The novelty of Access Control List (ACL), a feature so crucial in an application of this type, lies in the way users can compose sets of permissions for user roles. A complete list of modules and features available in each module not only allows users to select the accessible modules for user roles but also define in detail what kind of actions users can perform (create, edit, delete or execute).  
You can create various user groups according to your needs and organize them into themed groups. This solution gives you an opportunity to organize user roles in a way that reflects the structure in your company

Universal marketing calendar for all campaigns you plan, even those unavailable in the app 

We have injected a breath of fresh air into the marketing calendar. You can start planning and creating your campaign directly in the marketing calendar. Start with picking the date in the calendar and complete the process, as usual, by putting campaign content together. 

Universal marketing calendar for all campaigns you plan, even those unavailable in the app

Because we want the marketing calendar to be a universal tool for you, you can plan those types of campaigns which are not available in the application, like a TV campaign or an offline event in one of your stores. Just select the date, choose the external option as the campaign type and that will do the job. To avoid confusion, each campaign type is marked with a different color. 

Versioning control and new function in expressions 

Designed and released by popular demand, this essential improvement to expressions allows application users to edit expressions and publish them as subsequent versions of expressions. This means you can control each change in the expression and return to previous versions as well. 
Just as a reminder, an expression is a formula based on functions and mathematical operations and it can serve as derived attributes for customers and events. One of the most popular applications of expressions among the users is creating loyalty programs
Additionally, we have introduced a new function that allows you to convert a timestamp into the ISO format. This function will make it possible to undertake further operations on dates. 
We have recently released some other improvements that might not look like big names though they may provide you with new possibilities:  

  • Application translating tool – our internal tool, inaccessible to users, lets us translate the application quickly and implement translations to the application more easily. Thanks to this we can provide you with the Synerise application in your mother tongue!
  • Exporting catalogs – you have now the possibility to extract the contents of your catalogs in the form of a CSV file.
  • Sending emails with attachments – for some time you have had the possibility to attach .pdf, .jpg and .png files to emails you send from the application. Try to limit attachments to 20kB to let the campaign go smoothly.
  • Adding videos to your content – take the opportunity to enrich the content of your campaigns with videos. All you need to do is upload the mp4 file in the File explorer and use the URL of the video in your campaigns.
  • Reporting mobile app crashes - take advantage of the crash handler available in our SDK. This feature lets you automatically pass information to Synerise about crashes and immediately take further actions.
  • Improvements to trend preview on analytics dashboards – an additional Y axis will help you to make the values on the chart more readable especially when there is a significant gap between low and high values. To switch it on, create an analytical dashboard, add a trend you created earlier and go the settings of the trend.
  • Further Sankey chart improvements - if you already know what kind of customer events you want to exclude from the analysis, use this option while creating the chart. This way you can manipulate the results of the analysis to get more insights. Additionally, you can define the number of drilled down event parameters on the chart preview.

Wrapping Up 

Stay tuned in November, more exciting features are coming!