The image represents marketing automation best practices by different geometrical shapes, fingers moving them and lines connecting the shapes.

Start All Your Campaigns with These Marketing Automation Best Practices

How often do you feel absolutely sure that you’re making the most of your marketing automation campaigns? If your answer is “every time”, congratulations, but beware—there’s always something to improve or collect. This post will show you some marketing automation best practices and must-haves you need to check before launching the best campaigns ever. Level […]

The cover image presents a symbol of an email marketing campaign - an open inbox with an envelope inside, marked with number 5.

How to Design a Spam-Proof Email Marketing Campaign

Some people say that getting into somebody’s email box is like coming to a dinner. You must get an invitation, be nice, polite and funny. But is it possible for marketers to meet all these expectations in every email marketing campaign? According to the Email Marketing Report issued by DMR, 25% of marketers admit to […]

The image presents the content writing process - communication formats emerging from an open head.

Content Writing Hacks Stolen from a Psychology Class

New technologies that monitor customer behavior online allow us to gradually learn more about them and their preferences. But that’s not all, since we can also pick up on many habits that make their future behavior easier to predict. This is a consequence of the rules that govern our thinking, which have much to offer […]

Web push notifications - cover. The image represents desktop and mobile screens with highlighted notifications.

What Are Web Push Notifications? Your Secret Weapon!

Mobile and desktop devices are our touch points to the external world, and in many cases are our primary source of information and connectivity. But they can also be a distraction. With the use of communication channels, you can keep users informed and engaged but make sure they do not feel overwhelmed with too much […]

Marketing Cloud cover - the image shows a combination of clouds and symbols: percentage, plus, elipsis

Why Marketing Cloud Rules the Digital Business World

Remember the times of your childhood, when you lay on the grass on a hot day and watched the fluffy white clouds drifting in the sky? You can still daydream while gazing at the sky today but a new kind of cloud has become an integral part of the business landscape. Let’s take a look […]

What's In It For Me? - wiifm principle blog post image

What’s In It For Me? That Is the Question (for a Marketer)!

Have you ever heard about the WIIFM factor? No, it’s not a radio station from Wisconsin. What’s In It For Me? is one of the most crucial rules that you can follow in business. Read on to learn how modern technology can help you to deliver just the right message to your target audience. Let’s start […]

Marketing abbreviations - cover

Marketing Abbreviations Are Easy! Learn 5 New Ones Now

Each industry has its own characteristic professional language that is easy to understand for people working in it every day. When it comes to sharing work with companies outside of your field, things may get particularly complicated. Marketing abbreviations and terms are no exception. One of the basic problems that can appear at the beginning […]


Will AdBlock and Banner Blindness Make Your Life Miserable?

The media is full of advertising content, both high and low quality. Aggressive advertising campaigns with flashy banners, video overlays and pop-up applications sometimes disturb the relative proportions of the content of the website and the advertising content. The problem has deepened with the arrival of digital advertising to the world of mobile devices. This […]

Investing in Marketing Tools

7 Steps to Convince Management to Invest in Marketing Tools

Marketers are used to having their requests for spending on marketing tools to make their jobs easier refused. The most common reason given is a lack of funds in the marketing budget. What can you do to overcome this barrier to doing better work? Whether you want to expand your range of marketing tools with […]