The image is a symbolic illustration of brand content creation by company experts.

10 Steps to Turn Expert Knowledge Into Brand Content

Companies invest time and money in brand content because it generates leads and increases brand awareness. But where do you get ideas for new topics? In fact, a treasure trove of knowledge is at your fingertips—well, at least in your office. I’m talking about your company’s employees. You already know that content marketing works best […]

The illustration represents tips for lead generation during events by combining different symbols - a microphone, smartphone, envelope with a letter inside, chat icons.

5 Handy Tips for Lead Generation on Your Business Event

Most of the advice about lead generation concerns the encouragement of prospects through supplying them with various types of educational materials. However, at the very beginning of the sales funnel, while still building customer interest, it can be a good idea to generate leads in a unique way—by organizing an outstanding event. Here are our […]

The image presents brand building mistakes in a metaphorical way, in the form of a broken heart displayed in parts on different devices

Brand Building Mistakes: Examples to Avoid

Did you know that 59% of customers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them and 21% from brands that they like? This is the power of branding. We’ve already discussed the principles of brand building, so now let’s turn to what can possibly go wrong in the brand building strategy. What brand […]

The illustration presents neuromarketing techniques in the form of symbols connected to the brain: an eye, microphone and speech bubble.

These Neuromarketing Techniques Will Boost Your Social Media

From the moment you woke up this morning, you’ve made countless decisions on different levels of consciousness. Your customers do just the same, no matter what they focus on, including social media content. What does it have to do with marketing? Let’s dive in to the subject of neuromarketing techniques and learn a few tricks […]

The image represents marketing automation best practices by different geometrical shapes, fingers moving them and lines connecting the shapes.

Start All Your Campaigns with These Marketing Automation Best Practices

How often do you feel absolutely sure that you’re making the most of your marketing automation campaigns? If your answer is “every time”, congratulations, but beware—there’s always something to improve or collect. This post will show you some marketing automation best practices and must-haves you need to check before launching the best campaigns ever.   […]

The cover image presents a symbol of an email marketing campaign - an open inbox with an envelope inside, marked with number 5.

How to Design a Spam-Proof Email Marketing Campaign

Some people say that getting into somebody’s email box is like coming to a dinner. You must get an invitation, be nice, polite and funny. But is it possible for marketers to meet all these expectations in every email marketing campaign? According to the Email Marketing Report issued by DMR, 25% of marketers admit to […]

The image presents the content writing process - communication formats emerging from an open head.

Content Writing Hacks Stolen from a Psychology Class

New technologies that monitor customer behavior online allow us to gradually learn more about them and their preferences. But that’s not all, since we can also pick up on many habits that make their future behavior easier to predict. This is a consequence of the rules that govern our thinking, which have much to offer […]

This cover picture presents brand building as a set of geometrical shapes forming a diamond - the brand.

Brand Building Is Fun! 5 Steps to Make a Brand That Rocks

In the language of every human being (not only marketers), there are many words that each of us understand subconsciously but explaining them turns out to be quite a challenge, like “egalitarianism”, “interlocutor” or “decadence”. Or, taking into account the topic of this blog post—brand. Not to mention brand building. The first thing that probably […]