The image represents different e-learning trends: a computer screen with message bubbles, video. Extra elements are books and a cup of coffee.

E-learning Trends: How to Learn Easier and Faster in 2018

Advances in technologies and new approaches to learning and teaching keep the field of e-learning solutions in a state of constant development. Let’s look at the latest ideas to increase the motivation and involvement of e-learners.   Let’s play a game! Creating short educational games attracts not only the attention of children but also adult […]

The image represents communication channels in a lead nurturing campaign, with a light bulb in the central part and colorful wires in the upper part.

Lead Nurturing Campaign Guide: Email, SMS, What Else?

In the previous post of this short series, I introduced the topic of lead generation and listed different goals of such campaigns. In this post, I’ll take a different angle and focus on communication channels to use in a lead nurturing campaign. There are more channels you may use, of course, but I limited myself […]

A cover picture for a blog post about creating a buyer-persona for any business. In this picture you can see a buyer persona, omnichannel icon and retail awards icon. All elements are connected with retail market.

5 Steps to Create Your Perfect Buyer Persona

A well-known American actor once recalled the trauma he experienced when no one in the audience reacted to what he thought was a hilarious show. Devastated, only after the performance was over did he learn that he was entertaining a Serbian audience… That’s exactly what happens to marketers who don’t know who their message recipients […]

What's In It For Me? - wiifm principle blog post image

What’s In It For Me? That Is the Question (for a Marketer)!

Have you ever heard about the WIIFM factor? No, it’s not a radio station from Wisconsin. What’s In It For Me? is one of the most crucial rules that you can follow in business. Read on to learn how modern technology can help you to deliver just the right message to your target audience. Let’s start […]

New technologies for retail - cover

Take a Trip to the Future with New Technologies for Retail

“Treat yourself to some retail therapy”, said no doctor ever. But we all know that many of us like to self-medicate anyway with a little shopping and either online or offline will do. Stores have evolved into happiness centers, powered by new technologies for retail. Let’s look at some of the signs of the future […]

A cover image for a blog post about lead-nurturing. It contains a symbolic basket and icons representing smiling people. One icon is being picked up by a hand in the top part of the picture.

Lead Nurturing Tips for Beginners (and Pros!)

Did you know that only 14% of leads delivered by marketing departments are high quality and sales-ready? This means that sales teams are usually flooded with prospects that aren’t yet convinced to buy. Instead of bothering them with annoying messages, take a step back and plan a lead nurturing campaign that takes a softer approach […]

Marketing abbreviations - cover

Marketing Abbreviations Are Easy! Learn 5 New Ones Now

Each industry has its own characteristic professional language that is easy to understand for people working in it every day. When it comes to sharing work with companies outside of your field, things may get particularly complicated. Marketing abbreviations and terms are no exception. One of the basic problems that can appear at the beginning […]


Will AdBlock and Banner Blindness Make Your Life Miserable?

The media is full of advertising content, both high and low quality. Aggressive advertising campaigns with flashy banners, video overlays and pop-up applications sometimes disturb the relative proportions of the content of the website and the advertising content. The problem has deepened with the arrival of digital advertising to the world of mobile devices. This […]

Implement CRM: cover

When to Implement CRM (and Why It’s Right Now)

Customers rule the market. They can choose between offers, set individual preferences and decide on the basis of their tastes, even the from modest to the most extravagant. More and more often, they don’t have the time and desire to stand in queues. They expect immediate solutions within their budgets and tailored to individual needs. […]

Neural networks in action

Neural Networks Inside Out: What Makes Smart Machines Smart?

GPS location systems, automated devices in our homes like automatic blinds or temperature control are examples of intelligent systems that collect data and use it to control things. These systems use machine learning and neural networks – ways to support human activity thanks to the processing of smart information. Let’s take a look at the […]