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Personalized Voice Search - a Solution for Simplifying the Customer Journey

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Personalized Voice Search - a Solution for Simplifying the Customer Journey

These days we expect personalization and want to search the internet without wasting time. That’s the reason why Voice Search technology seems so promising. Let’s discuss how Voice Search works, and what we can achieve if we combine it with Artificial Intelligence.

What is personalized voice search and how does impact your business?

In general, the Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows users to search by saying terms aloud rather than typing them into a search field. Just ask Cortana  what the weather is, and it will tell you the current temperature and forecast for your location.

Ask Siri  for the news, and she will read off the latest headlines to you.

Voice assistant is becoming the norm — when you think about it, it’s not that revolutionary

According to Microsoft’s latest voice report  — 69% of their respondents have used a digital assistant and 75% of households will have at least one smart speaker by 2020. 

But when we combine Voice Search and Personalization experience based on Artificial Intelligence, we can achieve something unique — AI Voice Search that has a valuable impact on your business.

Where Voice Search does really matter?

Well, it matters when you want faster interaction that leads to greater consumer retention and engagement. Voice Search is also helpful from the customer’s point of view:  it’s faster than typing. 

Consumer behavior and search engine investments often go hand-in-hand. Those experiences we have on mobile devices, and the faith we put in a single spoken answer, come from the trust a search engine has established with us — that it has THE BEST answers for our needs. 

Search engines earn that trust by establishing shared systems of structured data, that when implemented by businesses lead to better answers to queries. By complying with those best practices, businesses become a part of the circle of trust around the content showcased for consumers.  

But the AI Voice Search is not only about trust. We must remember that it is an engine that brings with it a lot of benefits related to personalization. A customer gets a product or content that is based on his behavior, which has a huge impact on user experience. 

Another advantage is a shorter customer journey. If a customer gets personalized products, the customer journey will be shorter than usual, because those products will be based on the latest purchases and preferences. The customer won’t have to choose from among many products and waste time because he will get the best options immediately. This is very useful, especially when it comes to mobile, or e-kiosk transactions.

Statistics from Microsoft report and blue robot with Play button

Do you understand your customer’s journey and what are you doing to keep your business competitive?

Voice search radically changes the way results are provided to consumers.

The consumer asks a question and hears the answer, which means there is just one spoken result. Unlike traditional web-based search, where many results are displayed as a list — encouraging exploration, engagement, and choice, voice search is all about the one best answer. This means the pressure has never been greater to add additional value through search to personalize customer journey. These days businesses must understand the customer’s journey to thrive in today’s environment. 

Our Synerise’s AI Voice Search Solution we are working on will understand not only the command, but also what we would like to search based on our preferences and customer behavior.

Using advanced search engines, it’s possible to understand the complexity of the language like endings, diminutives or synonyms.

Quote by Satya Nadell and his photo


Intelligent search is changing everything. Right now, the biggest change by far is being driven by voice search and the increasing popularity of those devices. 

Make sure your site is optimized for audible queries. Otherwise, your business might struggle for market share. Get started now!