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What New Features Were Implemented Remotely in March 2020?

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Remote March: Synerise Product Update

Many of us are constantly trying to figure out new ways to be more productive. Here at Synerise, we’ve found that the remote work has surprisingly delivered very good results since we switched to that model last month. Take a look at the outcome of our productivity. We’re still working hard and soon you will have the chance to make use of the new features and improvements we’ve developed over the past month.

IP restriction for Synerise User logins 

For security reasons, Synerise users can limit the possibility of logging in to a business profile from specified IP addresses.  
Users will still be able to log into the application, but the IP address will determine the scope of business profiles you can access. At this stage, the process is configurable from the backend only, so please contact us for configuration.  
Stay tuned: in April, we'll introduce frontend for self-service configurations. 

 User notification on sign-in of unknown origin 

Every time we detect a login attempt on an unknown device to your account, you will receive an email notification from us with the login details. Security always comes first! 

Business Event trigger and Integration nodes in Automation 2.0 

One of the greatest enhancements of Automation 2.0 is the extended scope of performance. Apart from creating customer journeys, users are now able to prepare business intelligence journeys that can automate your internal operations. This is possible thanks to a business intelligence node, the first of which was released this month.  

The Business Event trigger allows users to launch a journey without a customer context. This node can be used to receive information about product storage changes, price changes, and more. If the data sent to the system contains a customer ID, the journey can transform into a customer-oriented one and it can pass data further. 

Adding trigger business event in automation module


Apart from that, to facilitate integration with external systems the Automation module has been equipped with an Integration section. This allows for the configuration of  incoming and outgoing webhooks.  

The Incoming webhook node allows you to receive data requests from external tools whereas the Outgoing Webhook makes it possible to pass the data from Synerise to external systems as a reaction to specific circumstances defined in the scenario. 

Adding endpoint to new outgoing webhook in synerise

Implementation of new filters on the list of promotions 

We want to make searching through your promotions more effective. That is why we supplement the list of promotions with a new type of filter. You will be able to search promotions through names, statuses, promotion IDs, start or end date, audience, tags assigned to promotions, promotion type, discount type, and more! You can find the filter icon on the right side of the screen. 

Implementation of new filters on the list of promotions

Additionally, you can save the filters and use them while preparing a personalized promotion (handbill) and assign multiple sets of promotions to a single customer.  
For now that’s all, but new improvements and features are coming really soon, so stay tuned! To stay current with us, be sure to keep up with content published on blog and Roadmap