Synerise <3 Futurecom

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Synerise <3 Futurecom

At Synerise, we’re always looking for exciting opportunities for disruptive, cutting-edge marketing solutions. That’s why our team made the long journey to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We took part in Futurecom, the largest and the most preeminent telecom, IT and Internet event in Latin America. And we’re very glad we did for more than a few reasons.

Why did we choose Brazil for our first global event? As Mark Zollner, Synerise COO and VP of marketing explains, “Brazil is a huge market with enormous potential where digital transformation is critical for the future of many companies. As a result, the country is rich in opportunities for transformative technology leaders, like Synerise. The culture in Brazil is also open and there are not as many barriers as some may expect.”

Sao Paulo city view

Busy booth, many new relationships

We are very pleased with the way the trade show went this year. Our booth attracted a lot of interest from both visitors and other exhibitors. This included all the major national and international exhibitors. In fact, our booth was always crowded.

Synerise stand at Futurecom 2017

This year, Futurecom was dominated by the telecommunication industry. All the largest mobile operators were present – and we had the pleasure to discuss solutions for their businesses with them.

Hackathon won thanks to Synerise

But the success was are perhaps most proud of came when a group of Brazilian students won a hackathon using the Synerise platform.

After speaking to our team, they were able to further their idea about organizing local communities to tackle pressing local issues. These include longstanding challenges that local governments are struggling to address. Examples? Homelessness, fixing local neighborhoods, etc.

To solve this, they used Synerise to gather data published on Facebook’s Graph API and successfully act on it. This leveraged public events and invitations.

The group won the 1st prize: a scholarship to a technical university, free access to Futurecom next year, a campus party and an additional surprise gift.

The whole team is extremely happy to be a part of their success.

Hackathon in Brazil won thanks to Synerise, photo with the team


Futurecom was a great experience. It provided the perfect platform to meet many business leaders, to exchange insights and to open doors for exciting new opportunities.

Sao Paulo is a breathtaking city, full of contrasts and positive surprises. We’re definitely going to be back.

Synerise Team at Futurecom Brazil 2017