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June Updates Enhance Churn Module, Deliver New Dashboards, Boost Product Recommendations and More!

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June Updates Enhance Churn Module, Deliver New Dashboards, Boost Product Recommendations and More!

June has brought many substantial changes to the application. This month we have focused on providing features that facilitate communication with customers and guarantee new opportunities in terms of product recommendations. But that’s not all! Let’s jump in to the summary of what was a busy month.

Key new features

Churn module

One of the most important questions that pops up in the minds of growing business owners is how many customers stopped using their product in a certain time period. Although the answers to this question may not be as optimistic as we sometimes hope, this type of analytic is a gold mine of invaluable knowledge.

The churn analytics module lets you analyze each customer group that joins every month, so you can observe their engagement and see how it has changed over time without being affected by other groups. Additionally, you can analyze each factor that makes an impact on the churn rate as well and estimate the degree to which they influence churn.

View of the "Feature importance" functionality in the Churn panel, in the Analytics module

Service approval

A clear and deliberate decision making process is a key to success. The same applies to email campaigns, which is the focus of our new approval feature. Design the flow of creating and accepting email templates by appointing reviewers and someone with the authority for final approval. 

Functionality view in the Approval Service panel

New type of data import

Synerise guarantees the flow of incoming and outgoing  information in the application in several ways. For the sake of simplicity we have introduced another method of importing data to the application through CSV files. 

"New import" panel view

Dashboards in campaign detail

We recently introduced the possibility of adding any dashboard to the main dashboard in the application. This solution increased the analytical potential of the dashboard as you can make statistics of your choice available for public view.

Now the same is possible in the statistics of any type of campaign. For an email, web push or dynamic content campaign, just add an analytical dashboard so you can measure the results of the campaigns which are not included in the summary of the campaign.

Fragment of the campaign preview

Cart recommendations 

Create product offers on the basis of the products your customers have added to a cart. Include them in emails or display them as a dynamic content on your website and encourage your customers to buy more. As an incentive, you can use the products that complement the products customers have in their carts.

Several option tiles to choose your preferred AI recommendation type


We have brought back chat to the application so you can use it to communicate with your customers in real time. Apart from being a convenient way of communication, chat reduces costs since it can be used instead of a phone helpline and provide instant and continuous support for your customers. 

Synerise Messenger view

That’s all in June.

Despite the holidays, we're still working on new features. Stay tuned and remember to take a look at our Changelog or check our previous update from May.