August: Synerise Monthly Roundup

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Monthly Roundup Synerise - August 2020

It’s small improvements that add up to the convenient and intuitive use of the application. Every month we make sure to implement some of them here and there to make the cooperation with Synerise application easier. Take a look at the improvements we introduced this month.

Top 100 and Recent 100 results in Reports

Before that improvement, users could generate reports that contained 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 1000 top or recent (in the application called last) results. The spread between 20 and 1000 is quite big, that is why we thought it could be a good idea to introduce the top/last 100 results option, which still facilitates a preview a significant number of results and doesn’t disturb the clarity of the report.  

Report presenting mailbox analysis for an email campaign

Search boxes in Automation nodes

It’s pretty good news for the users who work frequently with the Automation module. We added search boxes to Send SMS and Send Web Push nodes. This should accelerate the work with the module as the users can type the name of the template instead of searching for it through a long list. 

Search box with sms in automation module

Query Suggestions

I saved the best for last. Let me introduce an unquestionable star of the month – Query Suggestions. It’s a new feature that is incorporated in AI Search Engine. The release of this feature brought also changes to the architecture of the application menu. From now on, AI Search Engine is an independent module (which previously was available inside the Data Management module). Therefore, you can get to Query Suggestions in the AI Search Engine. 

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s Friday morning, you can really feel the upcoming weekend in your bones. You settle down in your armchair with a mug of hot coffee and turn on your computer. You open Google (sorry Bing fans), and the pale light of the Google background lights up your face. It’s time to type a phrase. And as you’re typing the first word, you get a dropdown list with suggestions of what you want to look for. And this is exactly what our new feature is all about.

When it comes to the mechanism, the index of suggestions works based on the popularity of the searched information and the suggestions are scored on the similarity to the phrase searched and returned upon requests. The configuration settings facilitate building up the suggestion index on the basis of attributes contained in the product feed. Then, the suggestions will be returned based on the similarity of the attribute values to the search phrase being entered by the customer. Another possibility is to define a list of phrases manually and assign them a score, also manually. Users can also create a phrases that will never be returned as a query suggestion. 

Query suggestion main settings view in synerise

Hungry for more? 

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