February 2021: Synerise Monthly Roundup

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Main graphic presenting recommendation attributes in Synerise - cover

The second month of 2021 is already behind us. We have added some improvements to the existing features which, we hope, will make Synerise users’ work more convenient. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Increased recommendation variety

Screen present selecting attributes in synerise recommendation module

Last month, we rolled out an upgraded version of AI recommendations. However, we are still noticing room for improvements there and this time, we focused on the way of managing the variety of items displayed in the recommendations. This is possible thanks to the new type of filters available in the recommendation campaign creator. By using Distinct filters, users can select up to 5 attributes and define how many items with the same value can occur simultaneously in the recommendation frame. This means that you can literally select the aspect of recommendation variety – it can be diversified in terms of item categories, colors, brands, models, sizes, you name it. The only requirement is to select these attributes to be available in the filters while configuring the AI engine that is responsible for picking the items for a recommendation frame. 

Preview of customer group in completed campaigns

Screen present conditions of segmentation in campaign audience

One of the improvements in February is the possibility of previewing the recipients of finished campaigns of all types (email, SMS, mobile push, web push, and dynamic content). To be more precise, you can take a look at the conditions of segmentation to which the recipients of the campaign belong. This may be helpful especially during the analyses of the campaign success. 

Selecting any SMS account in campaigns sent through Automation

Screen present choosing of SMS account needed to send SMS campaign via automation module

As you may know, the Automation module allows users to send SMS campaigns. To make it more convenient, users can select any SMS account, available in the business profile, from which the campaign is going to be sent.   

You may also want to know

We introduced some changes we thought you might find useful as well.

  • Refactor of the Catalogs feature – Migration of the service responsible for the Catalog feature resulted in the increased performance of the feature by almost 500%. You may notice it, especially in the morning when usually this service is under heavy load. 
  • Optimization of statistics available on the Campaign dashboard - We optimized the loading time of general Campaign statistics and the list in the Dynamic content section.
  • Changes in Jinjava variables in the Dynamic content campaigns – The Jinjava variables make it possible to personalize the content of messages. From now on, in the variables used in Dynamic content campaign users must use `client` instead of `customer`, for example {{ client.email }}, {{ client.phone }}.

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