January 2021: Synerise Monthly Roundup

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Monthly roundup main graphic presenting cart recommendation in Synerise

Let’s start the new year with a blast! We have several features to announce, and we really hope it was just you have been waiting for. No more words needed. Let’s jump into the summary of the first month of 2021!

AI Recommendations v2

Let’s start with the premiere of the month – the improved AI recommendations, which is packed with many surprises and conveniences. The greatest one is the possibility of self-service configuration of recommendation models powered by the Synerise proprietary AI engine – Cleora.

Before the recommendations can be shared with the customers, you need to configure the recommendation model for the feed and initiate the model training. The configuration itself is a short, user-friendly process which requires you only to upload an item feed, select the items’ attributes for recommendation model, and launch model training. This way you can concentrate more on what matters the most to you, that is, producing relevant recommendations that match the preferences of your customers.

Add and define recommendation site

Recommendations v2 address such challenges as managing a single product feed for several stores at once. It basically means that all your stores can be sourced by only one product feed - the feed has separate attributes for each of the store, such as availability, prices, and so on. 

It works also the other way round - you can upload as many feeds as you want to the application. What’s more, for each feed you can select different recommendation model upon which the feed will be trained. Speaking of product feeds, you have the possibility to use two types of feed: either Google Merchant feed or upload it directly to a catalog in the application. 

The changes don’t stop there. The users have the possibility to create filters through new filter wizards (IQL query builder and filters like those in the Analytics module), boosting, and sorting options to decide on the items to be included in the recommendations. The icing on the cake is the possibility of monitoring of the recommendation campaign performance which allows the users to react accordingly.

Adding recommendation campaign-related actions to Audit log

Staying in the vicinity of the recommendations, all activities connected with creating, editing and removing recommendation campaigns are visible in the audit log, which is a place where the activities of users in a business profile are monitored and listed.

The Buy one, get one promotions

As you may know, the Synerise application has a tool that allows our users to introduce a system of awarding and spending loyalty points so their customers can use them and purchase the items. We are very excited to announce that the Promotions feature now lets the users bring into effect the following business scenarios:

Choose type and source of Add and define items in cart recommendation site
  1. buy 2 and get one for free (buy the n product, get k products for free).
  2. buy 1 and get the other discounted by 50% (buy the n product, get k products with percentage discount).
  3. buy 1 product, get the other discounted by $3 (buy the n product, get k products with amount discount).
  4. buy 1 product, get the other for $2,50 (buy the n product, get k products for a specific price).

 The number of products, prices and the products included in the promotion are fully configurable, so you can really give free rein to your fantasy.

Search Engine configuration wizard

Set up promotions feature

In order to make the configuration of the AI Search Engine easier, we implemented a wizard that guides the users step by step, explaining the settings to be filled out during the configuration. We really hope this will make a huge difference for the users.

Hungry for more?

We serve a daily portion of news on our release notes website. Visit the page and be up to date with the news, improvements and bug fixes in our app! 

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