New in Synerise! Product Update February 2020

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New in Synerise! Product Update February 2020

There’s a lot going on in the company. We’re really proud of our recently released new feature. Here’s what’s new & awesome in Synerise!

Automation improvements 

The new Automation module has been up and running for a quite few weeks but we haven’t stopped improving it. 

  • Limits in Trigger nodes - the modifications in this feature concern limits in Trigger nodes, which let users clearly state how often these nodes can be stimulated in the journey. This enhancement may come in especially handy in cases when the elements, such as events, are likely to occur frequently and cause unnecessary action repetitions.
  • Limits in Merge Paths node – so far, the basic function of the node so far has been to join separate paths in a journey into one. The scope of the node has been extended with a limiter. Users can define how many times customers can pass through this node either in a journey or a specific time unit.
Limits in Merge Paths node
  • Statistics on the list of journeys - we have enriched the list of journeys with some numbers. Users can see how many times a particular journey started and finished, and how many of them are still in progress. This allows you to check the popularity of each journey you have created and launched.  
  • Tags in Update Client node - this node allows users to create journeys in which any customer attribute can be modified or removed in an automated way. The scope of the attributes has changed as now customers can add and remove tags.

Upgraded application menu 

Recently Synerise users may have noticed some visual changes in the menu of the application. The changes not only include the interface but also the mechanisms inside it.  

Changes influenced the efficiency of the application, which basically means faster page loading while switching between the modules and the quicker loading of the list items in the modules.  

Apart from that, the arrangement of the Settings menu has been reorganized. Some options have been renamed, some were moved to the Assets module and some, which were not used at all, have been hidden.  

New login panel 

As a continuation of the changes to the application menu, we’re also introducing a new login panel. The most visible changes concern the visual layer, however, we also laid groundwork for implementing 2FA authentication, which is in progress.  

New login page in Synerise

Those users who would like to create their first account in Synerise can go the demo request form available at the link below the login button. 


  • Activity list - to ensure an efficient and convenient user experience, the retention of particular events has changed. These changes affect only the list of activities. The retention of the events in the database remains unchanged. 
  • Database – to maintain the high effectiveness of the database, we have removed unused parameters of the page.visit events: color, long, current, ecookies, res, init, ver, last, u24_visits, snr_sdk_version, user_hash, encoding.

We are working hard to make our new module even better and are glad that soon we will make your work even easier, more pleasant and more intuitive. Keep up with what’s going on at Synerise by following our blog and Roadmap. 

Stay tuned! If, just like you, you can't wait - be sure to keep your finger on the pulse.  
Or rather, on our content published on blog and Roadmap.

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