New in Synerise! Product Update March 2019

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New in Synerise! Product Update March 2019

There’s quite a lot going on at Synerise. Every day, we’re working on new features, improve existing ones and fix issues that occur on the way. From this month on, we’re going to give you a monthly roundup of updates in our platform to let you know about the most exciting novelties that can help your business grow, too! Here’s your first portion of news.

In March, we released:

  • 8 new features
  • 19 improvements to existing features
  • 20 fixes in the platform

Let’s discuss the key changes in the most updated modules. For more information, feel free to visit the Synerise Changelog.


Advanced date filters

Scheduling campaigns and adjusting your own date settings in analytics is a must. You can narrow the date ranges to days, weeks or months and check the performance in the customized periods.

Advanced Data Filter in Synerise
Advanced Data Filter in Synerise - part 2

Improvement: Time zones set in business profiles included in analytics

Here’s something for those who run international campaigns across different time zones. From now on, time zones will be specified in business profiles in the analytics module to raise the quality of delivered insights.

Time zones set in business profiles included in analytics

Improvement: Changed validation for a date picker/filter in a dashboard

Periods for trends and histograms will be set to one-year periods by default, with information visible hover over on the warning triangle on the analytics widget. Thanks to this, we will avoid possible issues with the speed of loading widgets in the dashboard.
If you choose the Lifetime option in the main date picker, it will be applied to all analytics except from trends and histograms.

Improvement: Validate possibility to choose time interval for histograms

We have updated validation for time intervals in histograms. If you choose a small interval and increase the data range within the interval later, the interval will be switched to the smallest available within the range.

Improvement: Predefined analytics marked as the first on the lists

To give you an easy start, we have added predefined analytics to the module. They’re very easy to find as we moved them to the top of the list and marked them with stars. To use the predefined template, all you need to do is duplicate it and work on the copy.

Predefined analytics marked as the first on the lists - aggregates
Predefined analytics marked as the first on the lists - segments


Feature: New landing page and email creators

Here comes the new landing page and email creator! Apart from the refreshed views of the creators, they are equipped with ready-made, customizable elements such as headers, footers, dividers and others. From now on, it will be much quicker and easier to prepare materials for new campaigns.

New landing page and email creators

Improvement: Inserts in campaign creator presented as a dropdown

When you used our creator to build any kind of campaign, you could place a product recommendation or image to the content you created as an insert option. Now, all categories of inserts are available in the form of a dropdown list, which will make it easier to group and find them.

Inserts in campaign creator presented as a dropdown

Improvement: date validation in Dynamic Content settings

We have implemented a validation that will block the possibility to choose a start date after the end date of a campaign. This should prevent date collision when scheduling dynamic content.


Improvement: Grace period for transactions import

When you import transactions and events through API v4 and the dates of these events and transactions will be saved with the upcoming dates, the system will save them with the current date. Originally, the time is saved as event parameter. 

Improvement: Grace period for incoming event time

While passing events, we will accept the event time slightly forwards compared with the actual time.


Feature: New event types related to product views and AI recommendations

We've added three new predefined event types to track product-views and AI recommendation related activities: product.view, recommendation.seen,

Feature: Method to change email address for Facebook authenticated client

We added a new method to request email change for clients who authorize via Facebook login. You’ll find it in our SDK as: Client.confirmEmailChangebyFacebook.


Send a web push and mobile push from client card

Some time ago, we added a possibility of sending emails and text messages directly from client cards. In March, we have extended these options – from now on, you can also send web and mobile push notifications.

Sending a web push and mobile push directly from client card

Improvement: SMS available directly from the client card

You have the possibility of sending text messages to your customers directly from client card, now in a revamped editor. We hope you’ll enjoy the new look!

Other modules

Fix in Assets: Problem with export of data with default translations

We noticed some clients experienced errors when exporting attributes of clients with added translations. To solve the problem, we changed the mapping of exported fields from the label (proper name, translated attribute of the client) to the name (source name).

New feature in Integrations: Import Google Merchant Product Feed

We’ve implemented a new integration with Google Merchant. Now, you can import the product feed into GM directly from a URL. 

That’s all in March!

We hope you’ll enjoy all new features, improvements and fixes we’ve added to Synerise. If you want to stay tuned with every update, we add new entries to our Changelog page every couple of days. For those of you who like a good roundup – we’ll keep you posted on the blog each month. However, we post new read-worthy content every week, so don’t hesitate to drop by more often!