Synerise Q2 product roundup

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Synerise Q2 product roundup

We're back with a recap of our product updates from the second quarter. Let's dive into the latest features introduced in the Synerise platform.


Facebook native integration  

We are expanding our integration capabilities with a new one-click integration with Facebook. This facilitation is made possible by two new integrations in the platform.

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The first node added to Synerise Automation is Send custom audience to Facebook, allowing users to send customer segments from Synerise to Facebook. Synerise provides the ability to freely group, sort, and split the data collected in the platform using numerous characteristics. This flexibility in feature selection allows the creation of very differentiated segments. For example, it can be a segment of users with a high probability of churn, users with the highest propensity to purchase a brand's product, users who are particularly active on the company's mobile app, and so on. The list of possible segmentations is endless.    

The created segment can then be transferred as a custom group to Facebook Ad. To do this, connect to your Facebook account and fill out a form that will guide you through all the steps required to complete the integration process.  

To learn more about using the Send custom audience to Facebook integration, check out this Use Case.

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The second integration, Send offline transactions to Facebook, makes it easy for you to send transaction events that take place at the point of sale. All you need to do for this integration is use the appropriate node, create a connection for authorization with Facebook, and fill out a short form containing all the essential data necessary to send it to Facebook.     

For more detailed information on how to use the Send offline transactions to Facebook node, see this Use Case

Data Transformation 

Enhanced customer data synchronization 

Effectively using data collected from different sources is crucial for any business. In most cases, it turns out that other platforms may require additional data formats to work on the collected dataset. In order to make appropriate transformations for further use of the data in specific platforms, special skills may be needed to enable such modifications.      

At Synerise, we aim to make your job easier and enable you to manage data yourself. The combination of our Data Transformation unit and Synerise Automation allows you to perform extensive data transformations intuitively without the need for coding skills.

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Extensive automation capabilities allow you to import almost any data into Synerise and export data collected in Synerise to any user-defined source. In both cases, the data can be transformed, which is very easy to perform thanks to Data Transformation, which includes a wide range of operators that help make the desired modifications. Such transformations improve the quality of the data and prevent the occurrence of unexpected incorrect formats so that the data is clean and ready to be sent to its destination or for further processing and use in the Synerise platform.   

For more detailed information on Data Transformation, read our User Guide to get a deeper understanding of the data that can be imported into Synerise and the possible ways to transfer data in a workflow.    

Find out all the use cases dedicated to the topic of Data Transformation there


Expressions and aggregates in recommendations 

With the new improvements to the Recommendations module, you can now use expressions and aggregates in your recommendation campaigns, thus creating even more personalized messages for your customers.

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With this new enhancement, you will take your recommendations to a new level! Expressions and aggregates allow you to gain deep behavioral insights into your customers' actual needs and intentions. This knowledge is very beneficial in creating recommendations that will catch your customers' attention and make the offers even more relevant to their interests.   

This solution can change the direction of the business scenarios you were pursuing before, unlocking a new spectrum of marketing strategies that can be implemented. Imagine boosting items that a customer has added to favorites in recommendation campaigns. Or you could consider another scenario that would involve excluding items or even categories of items that a user has recently purchased. These and many other scenarios are now possible using aggregates and expressions in filtering or boosting in recommendation campaigns. 

Time Optimizer  

Synerise's Time Optimizer is a powerful tool that helps you easily reach customers at precisely the right time.    

Self-service configuration    

Now you can activate the Time Optimizer node yourself. You can manage all changes conveniently from the AI engine configuration, available in Settings. In addition, depending on your business needs, you can independently select a custom mode or use a template dedicated to optimal time calculation for activity in a specific channel.

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New options in the Time Optimizer node 

With the new Custom time period option, you can define the time frame you want to create a prediction in hours. By selecting this option, our AI engine will predict the best time to send your communication X hours ahead. This solution gives you more flexibility in finding the right time for your message, allowing you to reach customers at the best time on the channel of your choice.     

Another powerful option, Optimize till specific date & time, allows you to work on scenarios where you would like to optimize the timing to a particular date and time, preventing you from triggering subsequent automation steps. This setting gives you more control over campaign management and expands the range of scenarios considered for execution.     

Start using Synerise Time Optimizer's new features and hit the sweet spot every time!

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Check out Use Cases describing the use of Time Optimizer in various business scenarios.   


A new view on segmentation  

Segmentation is the key to any business, helping you better understand the needs of your target audience and select the right marketing activities for them.

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We've improved our segmentation builder to make using segments more enjoyable and convenient. In addition to the new segmentation view, we have streamlined how you can now export your segments. These updates allow you to view segments as a table, change the chart type, and export segmentation chart data directly from the segmentation view—no more need to go to dashboards to do these exports.   

Get inspired by our latest use cases demonstrating the capabilities of Synerise Segmentation.    

Loyalty points transfer  

A well-executed loyalty program can help you to achieve impressive business results. A properly developed loyalty plan allows you to strengthen your relationship with existing customers, attract new ones and boost your profits. To sustain customer interest and engagement in the loyalty program, exploring new solutions that will enhance customer experience is recommended. Loyalty points transfer is an excellent example of the improvement that can be implemented.

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With Synerise, you can enable loyalty points transfer for your customers, allowing them to share loyalty points accumulated in their accounts with other loyalty program participants. Such a solution will help you stand out from the competition and increase customer engagement, making your program more user-friendly and attractive to new users.  

See our new Use Case dedicated to this topic for detailed steps and requirements for integrating the loyalty points transfer mechanism into a mobile app.  

For more inspiration related to increasing loyalty, we encourage you to check out our latest Use Cases, which include helpful business scenarios for improving customer engagement. 

Hungry for more?  

Wondering what we have planned for the rest of 2022? We have a lot of great new features on the horizon, so bookmark this blog post and keep checking back for future updates.  

Stay tuned for more news on what we have in store, and be sure to reach out if you have any feedback or suggestions.   

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