Synerise Updates You'll Love in May 2019

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Synerise Updates You'll Love in May 2019

The spring awakening is all around us at Synerise! April was a fruitful month for us—we processed 2.8 bln data points, created 814 mln behavioral profiles, analyzed 78 mln transactions and sent 100 mln messages (email, SMS, web and mobile push). Of course, we also introduced quite a few new features and improvements, making your work with the platform more comfortable and efficient. So without further ado, let’s dive into our latest updates!

Key new features 

Predefined dashboards 

Module: General 

We have started working on predefined analytics to save your time and make things easier for users of all levels of experience. Predefined dashboards are ready-made chart sets for universal purposes such as page views analysis, conversion analysis, etc. You can see key data in a snap, without working your way through all the filters and options. Also, you have many parameters to use with different data: customer profiles, product catalogues, etc.

Predefined dashboards in Synerise examples

Handbill – AI-driven personalized promotions 

Module: AI 

Handbill is an excellent solution for those of you who want to use AI technology to prepare time-limited promotions on product sets, which are selected based on user shopping preferences. It's a ready-to-use solution with all bases covered: API, SDK, AI, frontend and backend. It helps you do what we’re all about at Synerise—connecting online and offline channels and adjusting the product offer to fit customer needs in order to increase engagement and ROI. 

Our top FMCG clients are already enjoying this update! 

Handbill – AI-driven personalized promotions

Social proof 

Module: Campaigns 

A new insert type called "social proof" allows you to implement dynamic metrics in dynamic content campaigns, so when you view specific pages of the service (online shop), it will give you information about how many customers have already bought the product or how many users are looking at the product in real time. Social proof is fully based on analytics and metrics and can be adapted using many parameters, such as product, page or another measurable object connected to Synerise.  

Social proof example in Synerise

Funnel statistics 

Module: Analytics 

This funnel improvement will give you insights into the time length of passage between the steps in funnels. You can check the average, maximum and minimum times.  

Change of AI recommendation related events 

Module: AI 

We introduced 3 new event types (product.view, recommendation.seen, connected directly with product views and AI recommendations available at the following endpoints: 




Key improvements AI Search analytics/statistics 

Module: AI 

Now you can check the results and measure the effectiveness of AI Search Engine with four new sections: Global Stats, Popular, No results and Filters. They give you the possibility to track key performance indicators (such as conversion rate or revenue), list of popular searched queries (and queries with no results), compare popular filters and filter values for specific filter types. 

Dashboard upgrade 

Module: General 

The main dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to the application. It’s a collection of all necessary pieces of analytics you need to have close at hand. Understanding the importance, we dedicated ourselves to improving the responsiveness of the charts, introducing a zoomable map and making visual refinements that enhance the user experience. 

Improving the responsiveness of the charts in Dashboards, zoomable map and making visual refinements

Optimization manager definition 

Module: Analytics 

To make Analytics module work even faster, we introduced several improvements in the mechanisms responsible for making it all work. As a result, you now have an even more efficient tool. 

Counting average time between steps in funnel 

Module: Analytics

This funnel improvement will give you insights into the length of time that passes between the steps in funnels. You can check the average, maximum and minimum times. 

New date operators 

Module: Analytics 

When you want to determine an event value as a date, you can indicate the date by using “Less than” and “More than” operators. They are enriched with four options so you can only choose either hour, day, month or year (all expressed in numbers) for a given date. 

Additional monitoring of events processing 

Module: General 

While processing a particular message, we check its various parameters, like the number of products in a given transaction (which is calculated by means of an expression). 

If a certain service does not work, then such a check is repeated for one minute, with a frequency of one second. If it can not be processed for a given event, then information about an "incorrect" event goes to the appropriate database, and the subsequent ones are all processed again. The second part of the activity is monitoring the occurrence of such situations. 

Advanced search engine for the CRM list 

Module: CRM 

Search engine in the CRM list will let you find customers who have certain tags assigned to them, belong to a segment or have specific client attributes assigned. You only need to type the name of tag, segment or client attribute. 

That’s all for May! 

The updates described above are just a fraction of all we did in the previous month. For more details, visit our Changelog and have a look at the daily updates. March and April was a good months, and May is going to be pretty exciting, too. We have quite a few major changes ahead, so stay tuned!