New Time Optimizer puts the power of AI

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New Time Optimizer puts the power of AI

Synerise’s Time Optimizer is the perfect way to make sure you’re reaching out to customers at just the right time. Increase your open and click rates, boost engagement and drive conversions with this powerful tool for scheduling the release of your marketing communications.

Why you need Time Optimizer  

The stats are clear — sending your message at different times of the day or different days of the week can result in very different levels of success. Picking the right day and time matters. When you’re operating at scale, these small differences in response rates can make the difference between success and failure.  That means sending times aren’t just a small campaign detail — they’re worth the time and attention it takes to get it right.  

So how do you know when to send your campaign?  

You can either gather extensive data on when you sent various campaigns, compare it to the responses of everyone in your database and calculate the best time to send future campaigns or you can use Synerise’s Time Optimizer.  Seems like an easy choice, right? 

Automation driven by AI 

To improve the results of marketing activities, use Synerise’s Time Optimizer node to automatically calculate the optimal time for performing these activities for every customer, all determined by a careful AI engine. It’s mass personalization at scale for sending time without any extra effort from you.  

With Synerise’s AI-powered tool enabling campaign send time personalization you can:  

  • Select an optimal time to contact for a specific campaign
  • Fully personalize the time to contact in the workflow automation

Campaign optimization is very important and allows you to increase the effectiveness of the campaign using data already available. The two main factors that should be optimized are the communication channel tailored to the user and the optimization of the campaign delivery time. 

You can also use Time Optimizer to exclude certain times to make sure you avoid sending communications in the evenings or weekends, even if the AI determines that’s the best time for a particular user.  

Time Optimizer predictions are always within the following seven days, so plan your campaigns to be sent at some point over the next week after hitting ‘Apply’.  

Getting started  

Time Optimizer is powered by data. Synerise algorithms analyze the data to identify patterns, probabilities, and windows of likely customer actions. Since the Optimizer is powered by data, you’ll need a certain minimum to get started – about a million-page visits logged in Synerise and about a month of use. The more customer data you have, the more accurate the predictions will be.  

For basic functionalities like predicting open times, you can arrange everything in your control panel. If you want to deploy automation based on advanced metrics like specific customer actions, you’ll need a one-time consultation with our Customer Success Team to arrange it. After that, you’ll have full control over the use of the Time Optimizer module.

You can this mode not only in standard scenarios, but also whenever you want to send some specific communication via email, mobile push or web push. We are also ready to serve your advanced needs in custom mode, but this is possible only after your contact with support.

Campaign Use case  


A customer from the fashion industry launched a mobile application a month ago and wanted to create A / B tests to check the best sending time for mobile push notifications. The test result will depend on the number of p = opened messages. 


The client created two paths for sending mobile push messages, one taking into account the predefined time of sending the message, the other making the use of the time optimizer, thanks to which the client was able to check which option is more effective.  

The video contains instructions on how to create an A/B test for mobile push sending times or any other type of campaign depending on the customer's needs. Time optimizer will also work for sending emails, text messages, or webhooks. 

Automation Use case 


A client from the retail industry expressed the need to optimize their campaigns (mobile push) excluding evenings and weekends. 


To create this scenario, you have to prepare a mobile push message and then go to the automation module, where you can plan the time of sending mobile push for each of the customers. 

Now you have to click apply and add the next step by choosing the right mobile push template. When the campaign will be sending, customers get the message during their work. 


Synerise now offers a Time Optimizer that automatically sends customer communications when they are most likely to be opened. Now it’s easier than ever to boost engagement by using AI to optimize the timing of your marketing outreach.