The image represents marketing automation best practices by different geometrical shapes, fingers moving them and lines connecting the shapes.

Start All Your Campaigns with These Marketing Automation Best Practices

How often do you feel absolutely sure that you’re making the most of your marketing automation campaigns? If your answer is “every time”, congratulations, but beware—there’s always something to improve or collect. This post will show you some marketing automation best practices and must-haves you need to check before launching the best campaigns ever. Level […]

The image shows KPIs in marketing presented in the form of shapes and arrows.

How to Choose and Track the Right KPIs in Marketing

According to estimates from Arizona State University, the volume of global business data doubles each year. Collecting and properly analyzing this data is a key challenge for every business enterprise. In order to properly leverage the insights gained from examining the data, it’s important to set and pursue the right goals. Check out the most […]

This cover picture presents brand building as a set of geometrical shapes forming a diamond - the brand.

Brand Building Is Fun! 5 Steps to Make a Brand That Rocks

In the language of every human being (not only marketers), there are many words that each of us understand subconsciously but explaining them turns out to be quite a challenge, like “egalitarianism”, “interlocutor” or “decadence”. Or, taking into account the topic of this blog post—brand. Not to mention brand building. The first thing that probably […]

Landing page mistakes

7 Crucial Details You’re Missing on Your Landing Page

Catchy headline? Check. Clear message? Check. Nice picture? Check. CTA? Check. Seems like you’re ready to go with your new landing page. But before you share it with the world and start counting leads, take a quick final look. You might have missed one or more details that often spoil the effectiveness of your landing […]

A/B tests cover image

A/B Tests Uncovered: Your Way to Read Customers’ Minds

  Some elements of the marketing message affect clients even though they may not be aware of it. They process information subconsciously and take action before you know it. Customer feedback is not easy to predict, so you should use a tool like A/B tests. It can minimize the risk of failure in communicating your […]

Customer database automation

8 Steps to Build a Powerful Customer Database

When planning omnichannel campaigns and building sophisticated automation paths, do you think about the quality of your customer database? With complete, up-to-date information about your customers, you are able to communicate and build relationships with them. Read on to find out how to build a customer database that delivers desired results.   Databases today It […]