A picture expresses more than a 1000 words

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A picture expresses more than a 1000 words

Imagine you are searching the internet, and something catches your eye. Perhaps you like the style inspiration of a person in an article or magazine and would like to recreate that look with the same or similar items. But you have no idea what brands that person is wearing, and you feel that searching for that item using keywords will not result in finding the product you are looking for.

Let's imagine another situation - you meet your favorite celebrities and admire their outfits, so you immediately take a photo of them. You really like the look and would like to create a similar outfit, but from products that are more affordable to you in terms of price. Searching for the jacket that caught your eye by using only the keywords "black jacket" may not be the most effective way to find a piece that will be as similar as possible to the one in the photo you took.    

Wouldn't it be more convenient for you if you could use a photo or screenshot you took of a website, enter it into an online store's search engine, and let the magic work and find the right items for you? The magic we're talking about is visual search, which will handle this challenge in the most cost- and time-efficient way. Synerise gives you this opportunity, so it is up to you whether you want to take advantage of it and provide your customers with more useful and preferable solutions.    

Let's take a closer look at this topic. 

What is Visual Search?

Visual Search is a tool that applies image recognition technology and artificial intelligence to enable searches using images instead of words. The algorithms used make it possible to recognize the image sent to the search engine and identify from it characteristic features of the product, such as for example color or shape. After an in-depth analysis of all product features, the search engine presents the products that are most similar to those presented in the uploaded image.  

What's more, the visual search capabilities go a step further, allowing you to identify several products in a single image at once. This makes it even easier to find all matching products simultaneously without having to search for each product individually.  

Why use Visual Search?

Most of us are visual learners with access to a camera all the time. We are surrounded by visuals of all kinds every day, and this form of communication has become one of the most preferred for most individuals. At a time when everyone lives in a rush, most of us are looking for shortcuts and simplified, more convenient solutions that allow us to find the products we are looking for with the highest precision yet in the fastest way possible. This makes the visual search a perfect fit for today's customers. 

Visual Search is creating new opportunities in the shopping world, changing the way customers interact with e-commerce. New behavioral trends are forcing businesses to apply new solutions that respond to customers’ expectations. Ignoring these trends may not work out in the company's favor in the long run.

How to use Visual Search with Synerise? 

Synerise Visual Search helps you enhance your customers' shopping experience. You can check out the use case with a sample scenario you can implement in your business.   

In addition, Synerise allows you not only to upload an image but also to use a link to the image with the product you are looking for, giving customers more flexibility in choosing the most convenient path to find the desired product.   

Synerise uses cutting-edge AI solutions that use algorithms to recognize all product features from an uploaded photo with the highest precision, providing your customers with the best matching products they are looking for. This improves customers' experience and helps reduce time to conversion and boosts sales.


Visuals are becoming more important to customers than filters or even keywords. This is a powerful tool for many e-commerce sites that offer highly visual items, in areas such as jewelry, fashion, or home decor, for example, where the visual presentation of products plays a significant role in influencing customers' purchasing decisions.

If you want to improve your customers' search experience and provide them with a hyper-personal shopping journey, this is the time to consider implementing visual search on your website. So, what are you waiting for?