When to Implement CRM and Why It’s Right Now

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When to Implement CRM and Why It’s Right Now

Customers rule the market. They can choose between offers, set individual preferences and decide on the basis of their tastes, even the from modest to the most extravagant. More and more often, they don’t have the time and desire to stand in queues. They expect immediate solutions within their budgets and tailored to individual needs.

This is obviously a great challenge for companies. However, there is a way to predict customer expectations. Its essence lies in three simple words – Customer Relationship Management.

The customer is king

Every customer likes to be well-served. But as conscious and demanding consumers, they expect more than just the service or delivery of a product. They will be more likely to return to any company that will give them something extra and stay in their memories. The thing is that you need to know something about the person to provide them with this extra touch. For this reason, more and more brands are deciding to implement CRM strategies.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a system that allows companies to:

  • recognize customer expectations
  • meet those expectations by offering the right product
  • make sure that the customer is satisfied with the choice made

However, CRMs don’t rely on crystal balls or fortune-telling, but on the processes of collecting and interpreting data. Each customer activity is recorded, analyzed and helps to form their behavioral profile.

Tailor-made shopping

CRM tools use intelligent solutions, such as:

  • machine learning
  • marketing automation
  • data analytics

These technologies contribute to the personalization of marketing content that companies share. The offers are adjusted by using a variety of information, such as age, gender and location.

Example 1: 

Since high school, Adam has struggled to find shoes in his unusual size. Like anyone else, he wants them to be fashionable, comfortable and reasonably priced. During his search on the internet he came across an online store – “Shoes for Everyone”.

Personalized message about the new product with a picture of the mobile phone screen and a text message with a picture of the shoe.

He found a few pairs in the size that he was interested in. After making a purchase, his preferences were registered in the store system. From that time on, Adam has received personalized messages about new products, taking into account his unusual size. Thanks to this, he is only notified about items he is likely to be interested in.

Concern for customer satisfaction at every stage of the transaction

By using a CRM, customers enjoy the attention and interest of the company even after the purchase. This includes all procedures related to servicing, warranty and complaint processes. After-purchase contact is also an opportunity to gather customer opinion and review of the product, service and general impressions regarding the sale and purchase process.

Example 2 : 

Eve and her husband spent the weekend in a charming mountain hotel. After returning home, she received an email from the representatives of the hotel. The message included a thank you note for the visit and a request to leave a review of her stay. This way, Eve could suggest what changes should be made in order to make her next stay even more enjoyable.

A thank you message with a request for a review with a picture of the hotel, car,  and an envelope with the letter.

Artificial Intelligence is ahead of your expectations

CRM systems also allow companies to anticipate future customer needs. As Henry Ford allegedly said:

If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said “A faster horse”.

No one would have thought about a car before they existed.

Example 3: 

Mark decided to buy a new laptop. An online store system that handled his order sent him a message about the possibility of including a compatible mouse and a case in the appropriate size. The whole set was covered by a very favorable discount applied by the store.

Message about the possibility of adding compatible devices into a new laptop with a blue image of a mouse and price.

Before buying, Mark didn’t foresee that such accessories would greatly facilitate his use of the new computer in the future. The shop’s suggestions of extra items were very helpful.

Something special for devotees

If you particularly like a given brand and regularly buy products bearing its logo, then the company can reward you appropriately – with a personalized discount offer, for example.

Example 4:  

Anna is a great fan of coffee and tea. For this reason, she is a regular customer of the “Hottest Drinks” online store. Based on the history of her purchases, the system recognized her as a very active user and rewarded her with a special 50% discount for her next visit. Anna was very surprised and started to recommend “Hottest Drinks” to her friends.

A message with a personalized - 50% discount offer with a blue drawing of text and cup.


CRM should be treated not only as a tool but as part of the company’s strategy and philosophy. This is where constant contact and customer satisfaction is a key value.

CRM systems gather information about customers, sales, deliveries and returns. Final customers also benefit from this. The businesses provide faster customer service and technical support, they’re able to meet customer needs more accurately while customers enjoy shopping for less.