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Why Mobile Marketing Is a Critical Component of Business Success

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Why Mobile Marketing Is a Critical Component of Business Success

For businesses of the 21st century to succeed, it is critical to tap into the rapidly growing mobile market. Studies have shown that there will be more than 2 billion smartphones by 2016, and further estimates indicate that there will be more than 6 billion smartphones in use globally by 2020. These numbers demonstrate that calling mobile marketing “critical” might actually be selling the urgency of the matter short.

There will be more than 6 billion smartphones in use globally by 2020. Businesses must reach consumers on the devices they use daily, and smartphones are already a staple of the modern world. By embracing mobile marketing, businesses are reaching consumers where they are. Traditional marketing will inevitably be left behind, which is why forward-thinking businesses must embrace mobile marketing now. Here are a few more reasons why mobile marketing is essential for business success.

With mobile marketing, your message is received

If you told Don Draper that there was an advertising medium that could, with nearly 100% certainty, reach his intended audience and target demographic, do you think he’d be interested? Of course, he would. Unfortunately, traditional advertising has to rely on radio and television audiences. Similarly, email, while useful, may end up deleted quickly, ignored or lost.

This is not to suggest that these marketing techniques aren’t helpful (they are). Instead, this example is meant to drive home the point that mobile marketing is a dream come true for advertisers and businesses. SMS messaging is almost guaranteed to reach the target customer since people check their text messages on a daily basis, and in most cases, people check their texts many times a day.

If you provide valuable information or offers with an SMS message, you are practically guaranteed to raise awareness for your brand with the exact demographic you need. Businesses cannot afford to pass up such a unique marketing advantage and opportunity.

Location matters

For local businesses, mobile marketing makes it easier than ever to reach customers. Location services on mobile devices make it easy for customers and businesses to find each other in a way no other form of advertising can match.

Mobile marketing engages

Mobile marketing offers unique that can help a engagement opportunities business advertise with creativity. With television ads, emails and the like, potential consumers are passive entities. They merely watch, listen or read the advertisement, but mobile marketing changes that script. Mobile marketing engages consumers with apps that they choose to use as part of their daily routine (if the app is well-developed and marketed appropriately), meaning your customers are choosing to actively engage with your business.

The difference between intrusive and traditional marketing that prevents sales compared to mobile marketing that engages customers and grows sales cannot be overstated. The best advertising strategies occur when potential customers feel like they are choosing the product. In the case of mobile marketing, that is precisely what customers get to do, making mobile marketing a critical marketing method that no business can do without.

Your Business Needs to Lead

Given the statistics mentioned concerning the rise of mobile devices and the benefits of mobile marketing, it stands to reason that every business will want to jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon. The sooner your business joins the mobile marketing revolution, the sooner you can gain an advantage on competitors who have yet to do so. Similarly, you can’t afford to be left behind by businesses who have already made the switch. Running a successful business depends on the ability to remain on the cutting-edge, and mobile marketing is truly the pinnacle of today’s business marketing.