LEROY MERLIN implements digital innovation with Synerise

A high degree of flexibility, the possibility of implementing multiple omnichannel scenarios and fast time-to-market give the chain an advantage in digital channels.

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About Leroy Merlin

LEROY MERLIN Polska is part of the ADEO group, which employs 89,000 people in 13 countries around the world. They specialize in selling products and solutions for construction, renovation and interior decoration. LEROY MERLIN has operated in Poland for over 25 years. Their network includes 67 retail locations and the online store at leroymerlin.pl. 

LEROY MERLIN chose Synerise to better understand their customers’ needs, engage them more effectively in shopping, and increase online sales.

The platform's flexibility has allowed them not only to implement innovations in digital channels without the need to build expensive IT solutions, but also to quickly respond to changes in the market, including the challenges associated with COVID-19.


LEROY MERLIN places a high priority on customer satisfaction. The company wants to awaken their desire to build and renovate while encouraging creative action. The internet is an important place for DIY enthusiasts. The pursuit of digital innovation is therefore very important to the aims of the company. However, there were some challenges to address first. 

The highly demanding IT environment in the area of e-commerce, a long time-to-market and high costs of introducing simple functionalities reduced the ability of LEROY MERLIN to react quickly to the changing needs of customers and delayed the implementation of innovation. The department managing digital communication channels began to look for a solution that would shorten the time of operation and introduce modern marketing and sales tools.

Blurred imageLeroy Merlin
Blurred imageLeroy Merlin
Leroy Merlin
In the extremely complex IT environment in which we work every day, rapid implementation of new solutions is not easy. 

We are used to a reality in which scenario creation and testing has always been very time consuming. Synerise gave us tools and support, thanks to which we can flexibly launch and optimize new functionalities for our clients, with minimal IT work.

Patryk Powierża
Digital Project Manager, LEROY MERLIN Polska


LEROY MERLIN chose the Synerise platform, which uses data and artificial intelligence to help companies respond better to customer needs. Synerise tools include process automation, the gathering of business intelligence and personalization of real-time communication, regardless of the scale of operations.

As part of the implementation, many functionalities were introduced that enables the organization of multiple scenarios and omnichannel campaigns, as well as the implementation of critical KPIs. Among other things, we introduced:

  • AI and AI Search product recommendations (intelligent search engine)
  • Support for video calls through a website with consultants from stationary stores
  • Mechanisms for handling abandoned carts
  • Product sets  
  • Counters on the page showing the duration of promotions
  • Lead generation forms
  • Social proof

Selected results

  • 10.82%CTR on Synerise recommendations
  • 30%increase in the average basket value when containing recommended products
  • 9.5%of all e-commerce transactions included products recommended by Synerise


The supplier selection process took approximately two months. The offers of all key manufacturers of marketing and sales automation solutions were analyzed.

The choice of Synerise was determined by the company's experience in the market, the comprehensive solutions offered by the product, as well as flexibility in implementing new functionalities. An additional plus was the opportunity to study the effects of campaigns in real time for various groups and scenarios as well as advice on creating specific solutions.

A big plus of implementing Synerise is the people who participated in the project. Especially Klaudia, our business mentor, who always found time and creative solutions for us.

Commitment and a willingness to learn about the functioning of our industry meant that we quickly verified the capabilities and processing capacity needed to implement new ideas. Training on Synerise capabilities was also very important. What Synerise gives us is flexibility in implementing and testing ideas. We look at solutions from an omnichannel perspective in order to make shopping in our network more pleasant and easier for our clients.

Michał Wójcik – Head of E-commerce, LEROY MERLIN Polska

Implementation process

The Synerise and LEROY MERLIN teams worked together on the implementation using an Agile approach and weekly sprints. The average time to implement one functionality was 3-4 sprints. The project continues to grow and cooperation is developing into further areas.

Cooperation with Leroy Merlin has been a welcome challenge for us and an opportunity to develop in many aspects. 

Each project that we implement together is an opportunity to use the platform's potential and a creative approach to its individual functionalities in the face of challenges ahead of us. Thanks to the support and commitment of the LEROY MERLIN team, we are able to meet all expectations and achieve our business goals.

Klaudia Pociecha
Customer Success and Implementation Team, Synerise

Selected campaigns

Reaction to COVID-19 – video chat with experts

Users have the option of registering online for a video chat with representatives of selected stationary stores, which helps customers choose an offer that meets their needs. The form and calendar of available dates is updated in real time. Additionally, Synerise creates advanced summary reports for each stationary store, so that records can be monitored on an ongoing basis. The greatest achievement was the creation of an automation that sends daily reports of registered customers to all stationary stores. The report contains not only the customer's contact details, but also recently viewed products in the e-commerce store and personalized product suggestions, powered by Synerise AI recommendations.

Form for arranging a video call with an advisor Leroy Merlin
Date availability calendar
Product sets

Product sets are selected for certain product categories using the AI Synerise engine. The user is presented with suggestions for similar or frequently purchased products related to the base product. The selected sets are built mainly on the basis of similar and complementary products models. A number of conditions and exclusions are taken into account, such as products compatible with the model, style or being from the same series as the base product, sometimes focusing the results on selected categories. Two set products are presented with the option of adding a complete set to the basket. It is also possible to define static sets - prepared and predetermined by the customer. Their database is constantly updated.

Recommended set, consisting of a metal rack, a set of screwdrivers and a ladder, along with a price summary
Forests in a jar

In this campaign, the need to manage signups for workshops to create gardens in a jar in stationary stores was addressed. The enrollment mechanism and reporting system is entirely managed by Synerise. The biggest challenge was managing a large-scale campaign that would respond to users in real time. The limitation of available places for each stationary store and the sending of e-mail confirmations with dynamically placed customer data along with information about the place and date of the workshops were included. A separate API was created to meet the needs of the campaign, thanks to which it was possible to quickly handle database queries. So far, four series of workshops with records managed by the Synerise platform have been conducted.

Offers of several types of forest in a jar
Social proof

Social Proof campaigns combine the possibilities offered by Synerise with the functionalities and information available on the client's website. We created a set of messages that are properly assigned and adapted to the current viewership of a product, current product reviews or current product availability in selected stores. The campaign is based primarily on metrics calculated in real time that show the number of people browsing a given product, but it also has implemented logic and mechanisms that use the information present on the product card to customize the message appropriately and display one that suits the business needs of the customer.

A frame with an info balloon on a produst page that it's possible to shop in a stationary store and how many pieces are left
A box with information on how many people are currently viewing this product
Voucher campaign

One of the seasonal campaigns that we implemented was a coupon campaign related to the birthday of the store. It consisted of implementing a lead generation form on a landing page where users could subscribe to the newsletter. After doing so, they received a discount coupon from the pool of available coupons. The challenge here was to implement a solution that corresponded with the tool the client used for sending newsletters and building a newsletter database. We managed to do it without the need to engage developer resources on the external tool side, which meant that we could collect leads in both Synerise and an external customer base.

A frame with a form to leave an email address to be able to collect a shopping coupon
Instructions on how to use the received coupon, information on coupon activation


Thanks to Synerise, the implementation of key functionalities for the further dynamic development of e-commerce now enables LEROY MERLIN to better compete in the marketplace. In the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, in just two weeks a new omnichannel functionality was launched, providing video connections to stationary stores, managed and enriched with AI recommendations from Synerise. The company has also managed to introduce other solutions that improve the usability of their online store and the shopping experience of customers.

The Synerise platform's flexibility allows you to quickly edit assumptions, introduce iterations and streamline processes. Real-time analytics allow you to react and check whether a given feature has a positive effect on a company's business results. Furthermore, Synerise solutions have provided an increase in purchase conversion and basket values in LEROY MERLIN compared to the control group.

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