How Taniaksiąż strengthened customer relations during Black Week - the largest online bookstore in Poland - was looking for new ways to connect with customers.

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About - the largest online bookstore in Poland. On the market since 2006, with an assortment of over 400,000 products. was looking for new ways to connect with customers. Here’s how they partnered with Synerise and Vecton experts to engage with shoppers in all the right places.


Like all online retailers, recognized the need to keep up with constant changes in both the retail landscape and the touchpoints where customers were most active. Ironically, their impressively large customer database formed a large part of their challenge going forward since it illustrated the scale of the personalization capabilities they needed.

They knew that some form of omnichannel communication was needed, with capabilities to connect via email, SMS, web push and through their website for both anonymous and registered customers. The challenge here was to find a tool that could handle the scale involved while updating all data in real time and managing consistent communication in all touch-points from one place.

As if this weren’t enough, they wanted to target what has become the peak online shopping period of the year—Black Week. Competition for attention is always fierce in the online space but with everything taken to a new competitive level during this time, a platform that would enable maximum visibility and responsiveness to constant streams of customer data was essential. To
reach their goal of standing out from the crowd with next-level engagement, looked to new options offering more comprehensive strategies.

Black Week 2020 at was a multi-level carousel of processes, activities and coordinated events.

Marketing Automation worked on a high volume, including: omnichannel communication, personalization, segmentation updated in real-time and a multitude of actions depending on the recipient's reaction - all focused on a huge base of marketing communication subscribers and a Customer Data Platform - contributing to increased customer retention and high sales results in this period.

Kamil Krysiuk
Marketing Automation Coordinator at GLOSEL


Synerise’s unique capabilities addressed every need on the bookseller’s wishlist. focused on extensive omnichannel campaigns aimed at clients during this project. The purpose was to both activate previous customers and to extend contact with regular shoppers via additional channels: email, sms & web push and to encourage account registration in the store. Everyone who entered the campaign was assigned to the VIP segment for extra incentives to buy now and buy more.The activities carried out on the occasion of Black Friday 2020 are one of the elements of a long-term plan to strengthen customer loyalty and retention and build a community around the brand.

Selected results

As a result of the campaign using the Synerise platform, the VIP customer segment increased by 5,000 people, and the daily increase in VIP customers was on average 400% higher than in the period before the campaign.

The final effect of these activities surpassed all expectations: during Black Week, sales in the VIP customer segment increased by over 350%, resulting in an increase in the share of VIP customers in sales by 10 percentage points to over 25%.

  • 10%higher average cart value for VIP customers during Black Week
  • 350%increase in VIP segment sales


Our cooperation with worked in a kind of triangle: Client> Implementation Partner> Synerise. It’s also worth highlighting that the client and partner were independent and the cooperation with them was very inspiring for Synerise. Both the partner and the client came up with interesting ideas that we implemented together by showing the market interesting solutions in ecommerce.

Experience, partnership and technology. 

These three factors allowed us to create an omnichannel, automated, and above all, effective campaign. As the results show, it was also appreciated by the customers of the bookstore.

Arek Kustra

Campaign details

As the basis of the campaign, using the Synerise platform, we prepared customer segmentation updated in real time, taking into account:

  • customer communication channels: email, sms, web push
  • client activity: active, inactive

For active customers, the campaign consisted of 3 waves of different messages with intervals from 24 to 48 hours between them with gradual exclusion of those customers who were converting in the meantime. Inactive contacts received a maximum of one email and one web push. Due to the large size of the inactive base, the campaign plan minimized the reputational risks of the mailing domain. In order to ensure consistency of communication in all channels, we created two automation scenarios in the Synerise platform. The main scenario was responsible for sending personalized messages via channels appropriate for the client (email, web push, sms). An additional scenario sent an email confirmation informing customers about obtaining the VIP client status.

Blurred imageTania Książka
Blurred and vecton


The “Become a VIP” campaign supported the brand’s long-term goals - increasing customer engagement and building a community around the brand.

Multichannel communication and personalization with the use of constantly updated segmentation on the scale of the customer base of the largest online bookstore in Poland were challenges that we successfully dealt with:

  • customers only received these messages, only on these channels and only at the time specified in the campaign plan
  • we protected the email shipping domain from spam traps
  • most importantly, we achieved satisfactory results in a very difficult area of customer loyalty

If your company is facing similar challenges and you are looking for solutions for how to effectively develop your business, take advantage of the Vecton experience and check the unlimited possibilities of the Synerise ecosystem.

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