Culture & Strategy

"Nothing is perfect and innovative at the same time. We are based on three pillars. The first is meritocracy - it means the power of knowledge, intellect, science. The second is algocracy - the power of algorithms, making our life much more intelligent, efficient, eliminating routines. The last one is empathy - the power of love. " - Jarosław Królewski, Harvard Club New York

"We are tech artists and revolutionists. We disrupt business by relentlessly challenging tech status quo. We democratize technology of the future with our focus on ever evolving, state of the art innovation. We craft smart, all-in-one tech, data science and AI packed platforms and solutions to unlock unprecedented growth for our clients. We are team of diverse and bold people that want to constantly outgrow themselves and to margin their intellect.

Synerise Principels:

  • To be a company that always puts the people & product first.

  • To be a technology company that drives innovative solutions.

  • To be a company that hires the best specialists and unconventional thinkers, driven by ambition and intolerant of mediocrity.

  • To be a company that believes that the quality of the solutions it provides will make it unnecessary to chase clients - customers must want to cooperate with Synerise and not doing so is their loss.

  • To be a company for whom time and freedom are the most precious commodities. Companies, customers, employees. 

  • To be a company that challenges reality, in particular the standard forms of sales and promotion and relations between clients and people.

  • To be a company that says “no” to dedicated solutions for the benefit of the imagination economy.

  • To be a company that invests in partners and clients, that generates feedback and value for Synerise and its products.

  • To be a company that is dominated by simplicity and a bias for action and avoids corporatism and politics.

  • To be a company that shapes and educates the market, even ambitious and difficult topics, at the expense of victories and money.