Culture & Strategy

"We are tech artists and revolutionists. We disrupt business by relentlessly challenging tech status quo. We democratize technology of the future with our focus on ever evolving, state of the art innovation. We craft smart, all-in-one tech, data science and AI packed platforms and solutions to unlock unprecedented growth for our clients. We are team of diverse and bold people that want to constantly outgrow themselves and to margin their intellect.

The mission of Synerise is to break through these conventions and permanently question the status quo regarding available solutions driving innovation in Big Data and AI.

"The ‘surplus society’ has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar things, with similar prices and similar quality." - Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Funky Business

#Homogenity is the biggest „enemy” of business

Synerise S.A. is one of the most recognizable Polish companies conducting commercial activities and research and development works in the field of Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence). It cooperates with international corporations representing various market sectors, in particular Retail, Finance, Telco and eCommerce industries, and research and development organizations around the world. One of the key and strategic directions of the company's development for 2018-2020 is the investment and expansion of competencies in the field of intelligent systems, with particular emphasis on practical implementations of the solutions being developed.

In addition to the commercial legitimacy and unquestionable scientific value of artificial intelligence solutions, investments by Synerise are a great opportunity for the development of the Polish economy in the field of solutions that are widely supported by other countries and are made a priority due to their positive effect on the functioning of the state and the broader society. Synerise has innovation in its DNA, that's why within the company's structure there is a specialized research and implementation center (think tank), whose activity is to allow new and existing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence models to improve the efficiency of business processes currently not available at market.

Being humble, modest but courageous

We strive to make Synerise a humble, modest but courageous organization. The company today is a combination of many sophisticated personalities, interdisciplinary minds that feed on challenges, the joy of discovering and building values based on merits and the unwillingness to duplicate patterns.

When Synerise was created, we believed that modern companies that want to build their advantages on intelligence, smartness and optimization, need tools that are always able to provide them with solutions that keep up with today's science, marry innovations, are permanently state-of-the-art and question reality. Transformations of large companies are expensive and long-lasting. At Synerise, we are sure that there is no need to build a revolution that extends over months to build huge competitive advantages and provide clients with effective and efficient solutions.

From the beginning, we wanted to build a powerful ecosystem that accelerates digital transformations. Today, Synerise fully controls data processing and is one of the few companies in the world develops its database storage written "from scratch". We have a great AI team and lots of experience in Big Data, which allows us to build solutions that can solve real-time problems of companies without any vendor-locks. We do not hide that we are an engineering company, offensively introducing new products, often opposing huge IT corporations with knowledge and skills. We believe that this approach today is able to legitimize the best technology companies in the world, regardless of size and assets.

We want to avoid a strategy where we associate clients with long-term contracts for a partnership approach, where an appropriate level of empathy makes our clients' perspective and our own perspective become one with common goals. We believe that our solutions should provide clients with value immediately, and dialogue between domain and technological knowledge should be protected by appropriate results (KPI and ROI).

We do not bind customers with contracts, giving them the opportunity to cancel our services at any time. We think that we have some of the best people in the world in our specialties (Big Data, AI), so we value the worth of our products and their work, but not at the expense of investments of our partners and clients. Transparency, meritocracy and objectivity guide us in every aspect of our actions. Nothing is perfect and innovative at the same time. Only the right passion, consistency and intellectual experiments will make some organizations remain or become leaders and others followers.

We want the reliability, but also the romantic vision of information technology and new technologies, to force organizations to be driven by innovations and proper tactics and to go beyond their comfort zone. In the future, each company will be in some way a technology company, eliminating fossilized forms of knowledge management and research. We are still a young company, but with a great vision devoid of rose-colored lenses, so common in the startup community. We admit transparently to mistakes, but at the same time we move ever forward. Our vision is bold, because the word "comprehensive" that characterizes our products in the world of the technology industry deters competitors.

They feel anxiety, lack of quality, if they do not have huge assets in the form of financial reserves. It does not have to be this way. We believe that companies can not afford to experiment with thousands of solutions on the market, can not afford to buy software from large IT corporations that are not designed with common sense and are a conglomeration of random acquisition of market solutions. We also believe that the market will consolidate. Lack of control over data processing, AI and being "ever-evolving" will eliminate many young startups.

Today, the economy is based on imagination and wherever unconventional thinking wins, Synerise excels. We believe that one day systems that are dominated by the "hand crafted rules" paradigm will fade away. Modern technologies will reduce the time needed to make manual, repeatable, static decisions will relieve people of hated routines. We have already overcome organizations like Adobe, IBM, SAP, Oracle and Salesforce worldwide, proving that the implementation of difficult systems does not mean relying on huge human resources on the client's side.

Synerise is now a place, an island that supplies solutions and a guarantee that your your organization will be ready to receive ready-made recipes for success and your end-customers will always be deeply understood. We love to corrupt and destroy paradigms. Synerise also gives what is not provided by huge consultancy companies today: speed and decisions in real time, and thus the power to execute.

We are confident that our solution consolidation model is right, because it does not place limits on our clients. Selective solutions make organizations stop understanding the relationships between data and lose the possibility of real-time functioning. They are heterogeneous. This heterogeneity means that companies make bad decisions.

Today, Synerise is a collection of all the necessary solutions, unrivaled in the complexity that they allow. It's an all-in-one ecosystem. We believe that the lack of Synerise will soon be a cost for companies. Quality is a derivative of the value of the intellect, and the time to make decisions, to provide value is inversely proportional to the certainty and quality of knowledge that you have.