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Gino Rossi & Simple

Our collaboration with Gino Rossi brand dates back to 2012, when we began the implementation of innovative omnichannel marketing solutions. Up to now, we have prepared a modern and responsive e-shops for Gino Rossi, created a mobile application which is based on Synerise and contains the purchasing module, as well the beacons network implemented in almost 100 stores of the Gino Rossi group. The result of our work is one of the most comprehensive marketing platform, which supports multi-channel sales and communications – both online and offline. From the beginning of our cooperation, stock market value of Gino Rossi has increased by 145.87%, and the company intends to more tightly integrate its ecosystem with Synerise solutions (including greater use of marketing automation module). Since March 2013 we have carried out similar operations for SIMPLE, another clothing brand that belongs to Gino Rossi SA.

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