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E-marketing PWN

The E-marketing book by Jarosław Królewski and Paweł Sala, contains tips you won’t find anywhere The else on working in internet marketing, in and details on the final results of Friday the projects of numerous experienced practitioners in the interactive sector.

The reader will learn about contemporary trends in internet marketing and will see that a modern marketer is a person in love with technology, wholesale jerseys one who is open, creative and inspired by novelties, and will cheap mlb jerseys gain substantive assistance in the choice of the most efficient method for the execution of their marketing campaign on in the wholesale mlb jerseys internet.

E-marketing shows where to search for inspiration, in which media to invest, and how to do it efficiently My and effectively.

64.90 PLN Coming soon!
The book Profile! will be available in book stores, on and

E-marketing PWN
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