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Our eBooks provide valuable insights, best practices, ideas and examples on how to provide extraordinary customer experience, which is critical to company success. We can help you gain an understanding how marketing automation, omnichannel and Big Data help to build great customer management.

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Omnichannel 2016 Facts and trends

The purchase process is becoming more extended and detailed, giving consumers more choices in terms of how they buy, methods of delivery and forms of payment. It is really important to be aware in which shopping-related activities you should invest, and how to meet clients expectations.

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Marketing Automation facts and trends

The field of Marketing Automation continues to experience dynamic growth. This is the reason why we should know more about problems, challenges, pros and cons of this concept and be up-to-date with upcoming trends.

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The Ultimate Guide to Leads

Marketing talk always has a lot of references to leads, how to get them, analyzing them and lead nurturing but it’s not necessarily true that everyone knows what they are and why they’re so important. The purpose of this ebook is to explain what are leads and how to use marketing automation to generate and nurture them.

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