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Synerise delivers the competitive edge needed to build loyalty, create hyper-personalized customer experiences and achieve business success in e-commerce.

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The ecommerce landscape is full of barriers to growth

  • Insufficient personalization

  • Inefficient manual conversion optimization

  • Multiple small systems and tools that support individual activations

  • Incomplete or fragmented customer paths

  • A lack of reliable traffic source attribution

  • Lack of appropriate discount management


A complete solution for applying customer data to ecommerce operations 

Conversion management finally unified

360-degree customer view for best in class understanding of customer behavior and building effective funnels. Data-driven decisions based on insights updated in real time and automated processes to give you unlimited possibilities and lightning-fast reactions to customer needs.

Every experience is now personalized

Every customer interaction is processed by AI algorithms and executed by world-class personalization strategies that drive results. Now, ecommerce sites can deliver the next-best offer in every possible channel and while building customer loyalty.

Every decision has the data behind it

Almost unlimited analytical capabilities help to understand customer behavior and return actionable insights for future activations. Eliminate guesswork and provide exactly the content and experience that customers expect.

Why it matters?

Proper data collection is the key to a better understanding of the customer

Customer behaviors and habits are constantly changing

Real-time data processing is necessary for correct segmentation

Synerise works at the top of all the solutions used and gives additional amazing possibilities

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