2 What is General insights in Insights panel for?

Select General insights section, to get such information as:

  • what is the increase of clients in your database during last days,
  • what is the increase of active clients in your database during last days,
  • what is the number of SMS, emails subscribers,
  • what is the number of transactions and value of transactions your clients made during last days.

3 What can I find in Segmentation section in the Insights panel?

Have a quick look at created segments. Select Segments section from the left vertical menu. A list of all already created segments will be presented to you. On the right part of the window you can see your segments which are represented by its name and number of clients who belong to a specific segment.

A detailed view appears, if you click on segment's name.

From Insights menu you can only see the results of segmentation. If you want to design or modify segments, visit Synerise's settings.

4 What is WiFi category in the insights section for?

WiFi tracking is especially important in places/stores without beacons. It helps to measure retention. In the section WiFi, which you can choose from left vertical menu, you can find more statistics from your stores’s WiFi, like:
  • how many people was in your stores,
  • what is the average time they spent there,
  • which location was most popular,
  • what is the number of people who visited your stores vs people who passed them by,
  • what is the number of new clients,
  • what is the number of returning clients.
If you want get these statistics for defined period, use calendar or select 1, 7, 30 or 60 days defined period. To do it just click proper icon in the top of the screen. You can see statistics from all your stores or from selected place. To choose specific shop, click Location button in the left top corner of the screen. You will see hidden menu with all your stores with WiFi. Click one of them to see dedicated statistics.  

6 What are the most popular and valuable insights?

In Synerise we have implemented insights that are essential to lead most of business types. You will find here sale statistics (what is your sales level, which product category is the most popular, which of your stores work most effective, what is increase of clients number in your database during last days etc).