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Take your campaigns to the next level on every channel

campaign marketing

True Omnichannel Campaigns

Consumers are constantly changing between devices. Synerise enables you to track and deliver campaigns no matter what device they are using. Create tightly integrated campaigns across all online channels, including offline with proximity marketing.

omni channel

True 1:1 Personalization

Communicate at the individual level with micro-segmented content and promotions. Deliver it on the right channel, including by dynamic web content, web push, mobile push, email, SMS/MMS, chat, and more.

Key Features

Channel marketing

Web & Mobile Push

Create push notification campaigns in a few simple steps. Target chosen customers with popups, notification, banners, chat or mobile app push. Achieve your goals whether it is informing about promotions, launching new products or deeply engaging customers with your brand.

Proximity Marketing

Identify when customers visit your offline stores. Invite them in if they are passing by or send automated messages after visiting. This is possible thanks to Synerise mobile SDK and beacons.

sms mms, mms sms

SMS / MMS Campaigns

Deliver custom SMS or MMS, or take advantage of ready-made templates. Engage your customers with real-time notifications and personalized experiences.

Email Campaigns

Create rich, personalized emails for any customer segment or special occasions. Specify when emails should be sent or automate it in workflows based on triggers. Emails can be sent to customers or even to your internal teams to take action.

marketing channel

Mobile or Web Coupons

Create coupons your customers will love via mobile or web channels. Define your exact criteria (including eligibility, dates, value and # of uses). Then send the coupons via push notifications to chosen customer segments or locations.

Roi marketing


Prepare attractive promotions in a few easy steps. Promotional campaigns are similar to coupon compaigns but not limited by uses. Simply define the promotion type, discount level or location and send it to your customers today.

Integrate Campaigns Seamlessly

Craft extraordinary customer journeys that integrate all campaign types. Reach your customers wherever they are. Use segmentation combined with dynamic content, personalization blocks and predefined triggers. Automate the entire customer lifecycle.

campaign results

Email Template Builder

Use Synerise's drag-and-drop email builder to deliver stunning emails on any device. Synerise email builder allows fully responsive emails for customers whether on smartphone or desktop. Create, preview and start delivering the most effective emails to date.

campaign monitor template builder

Push notifications

Create push notification campaigns in a few simple steps. Dedicate them to a selected group of customers with a mobile app, at a specified time. Encourage them engage with your brand using a dedicated message.

Beacon notifications

Identify users with a mobile app on their smartphones, thanks to beacons. Send your customers beacon promotion alerts, automatic messages after visiting your store or just encourage people passing by to step inside.

SMS campaigns

Create any kind of mobile message with SMS messages. Engage your customers at any time with real-time alerts and deliver personalized experiences!

E-mail campaigns

Use the Synerise Campaigns feature and create e-mail campaigns for different segments of customers and for various occasions. Specify the perfect time and place where your customer will get the message!

Synerise Chat

Communicate with customers online based on where they are in their customer journey. In chat, you can edit pop-up notifications, assign them to specific pages or customer activities - or simply to defined customer segments.


Prepare attractive promotions in just a few easy steps. Define the promotion type, discount level or localization. In just a few seconds your mobile customers will get a chance to take advantage of your offer.

Coupon campaigns

Want to increase customer interest? Use Synerise to prepare coupons. You can define coupon campaigns for both web and mobile channels. Coupons can be sent via push notifications and limited to specific locations.

Stamp Cards

Make the most of your offline stores with stamp cards that will boost customer loyalty. Name your promotion, decide which stores participate and set the actions to join.

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