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Business-changing Insights

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Data-driven Opportunities

Synerise gives you full insights into your customers - from sales, campaigns, customer segments, and more. Discover which campaigns you should invest in, identify better ways to engage customers, or discover emerging opportunities.

Deep Sales Insights

Understand which products are the most popular and among which customers. Use segments to analyze which customer types are buying what kind of products. Boost sales further in successful segments - or turn around those which are underperforming.

Winning Shopping Carts

Monitor your shopping cart performance in real time. Compare average cart value, frequency or cart abandonment for different segments and across channels.

Key Features

Customizable Dashboards

Have access to all crucial performance metrics on one beautiful dashboard. Show the data and trends that matter for your business, whether it is for transactions value or number, customer engagement & retention, performance of specific channels, website visitors - the choice is yours.

Smart Segmentation

Create segments that will give you the customer understanding to increase profits. Create segments based Compare different segments or analyze behavior within one segment to better inform your decisions.

Actionable Charts

Go beyond raw data with customizable charts. See correlations, trends or situations that require action. With Synerise, you get the high-level understanding and fine details of customers that you need.

Demographic Data

Use demographic data combined with customer activity to get comprehensive insights. Create segments based on location (where people live or work), their gender, their age and other information.

Offline Customer Visits

Find out how many people are visiting your stores or just passing by. Know how many are visiting for the first, how many are returning - and how long they stay.

Aggregate & Individual Locations

See aggregated data from all your locations, get insights from specific stores, or compare performance across locations.

Transaction Data

Know the number and value of transactions made during last days or any defined period. Drill down by channels, locations or segments.

Powerful Ecommerce Metrics

Use the ready-to-go insights dedicated for ecommerce to launch faster and get ROI within weeks. Identify how to improve website conversion or your campaigns.

Online & Offline Tracking

Get the full picture across online and offline touch points. Know where your customers are buying as well as get multi-channel attribution.

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