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Communicate with customers and teammates
with a single, simple messenger.


Respond Faster & With More Info

Customers expect a rapid response, so every minute counts. Treating them as individuals is also essential. Thanks to Synerise.Messenger and the customer data available to your team, you can be both fast and precise.

Capture All Opportunities

Make the most of customer every touch interaction. Even the shortest of conversations can build long-lasting trust and convert customers.

Communicate With Teammates

Synerise is not just for customers, but for team communication. Quickly write to team members with Synerise Messenger instead of resorting to emails.

Make Customers Feel Comfortable

Provide customers with an alternative to phone or exchanging emails. Maximize convenience and response time for customers. If you aren't using a messenger, you are missing out.

Key Features

Real-Time Conversations

Help your customers whenever they have questions when visiting your website. Respond quickly to help them and build better relationship.

Automated Messages

Prepare various automated messages based on actions customers take. Display your message in the window exactly when the customer may need it.

Email Notifications & Replies

Get email notifications when customer write and you are away from the screen. Read and reply to messages directly from your email.

Team Responses

Don’t worry if you’re not online. Customer messages will be sent to the team member who is currently online and logged in. This ensures you can always react quickly.

Create Tasks In Messenger

Synerise Messenger is tightly integrated with Synerise Task. Create new tasks directly within the messenger window and add them to your 'To Do' list.

Quick View Statistics

Need to quickly check the latest sales numbers or email campaign metrics? Start typing the relevant key words and our intelligent bot will display them instantly.

File sharing

Share images, documents and more with your team. Simply drag and drop a file to the messenger window.


Use the built-in reminder functionality to never forget anything on your busy schedule.

Customer Details

Get all important information about a customer every time they write to you (e.g. location, last transaction, last activity). Be better prepared to help customers.

In-App Notififications

Get sound and visual alerts when you receive a message. Make sure messages don't go unanswered.

Message Template

Save time with pre-prepared answers for the most common questions. Immediately answer questions about current promotions, opening hours and more.

File Uploads For Customers

Often showing a problem is easier than describing it. Ask customers to share files or screenshots so you can more easily and quickly find solutions.

Tag Chats

Use tags to group and organize your conversations. Identify what support or follow-up actions are required. You can also check statistics related to tags.

Chat Archives

Don't worry about losing past chats. Every conversation is archived in case you need them later. Filters are available to easily find any conversation.

Direct Team Messages

Send direct messages to team members instead of writing emails. All conversations are private - only the two of you can see it.

Team Group Chat

Communicate with your team members in groups connected to a project or particular topic. You can create as many groups as you wish.

Private Team Chats

Some information isn’t for everyone. Create private groups and invite only choosen members. People without an invitation won't see it.

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