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Get real time predictions to see forecasts
built on your leads activity.

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Be one step ahead of your customers

Foresee your customers behaviour and offer them products they are most likely to buy. Find out the possibility of customers conversion and get a clear graphic overview of their conversion potential. Enhance your sales by knowing exactly what they need, even before they do.


Easily analyze even the biggest databases and get every information you need. Synerise application will automatically divide your customers into segments, showing you hot and cold leads. Thanks to different colored segments and group sizes shown in percents, you will be able to tell your groups apart at a glance.

Machine learning

Prediction module is based on the complex mechanisms of machine learning. Thanks to revolutionary technology, everything is calculated precisely and tailored for your customers. Let the AI do anything for you!

Scientific methods

Synerise predictions are something more than just flipping the coin and guessing the result. By using advanced algorithms, the module can calculate the most probable results for your query. Here, we combine science and marketing.

The most important specimen showing the relevance of prediction is Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (AUC). Algorithm efficiency can be defined from 0 to 1, where 0,5 means 50% chance of algorithm correctness. In the pursuit of perfection, the closer you are to 1, the better..

Suitable for all business

Prediction module is suitable for small businesses as well as for big companies. Easy to use interface adapts to every clients needs..

Custom events

Base your prediction on any event you want! Simply select one of the events for which you want to run prediction and wait for the results!

Graphic overview

Synerise will generate a graphic overview showing your customers divided into groups based on their conversion likeliness.

Different dates

Get statistics on a specific period by selecting time interval for which you want to run prediction. Examine days, months and even years ahead!

Real time predictions

Static information are going out of date. In our prediction module data is updated dynamically every single second. .

Predict event

Find out which precentage of your audience is willing to commit an event of your choice. Explore your groups to get more information about them!

A lot of data

To get the best forecast cocnerning any event, our algorithms analyse years of customers previous activity - both online and offline.


You can easily view customers belonging to each group. Get a quick access to their profiles thanks to Explore button, which will redirect you straight to CRM.