Synerise Certification Program

How we created a complete Customer and Partner Certification Platform based on Synerise features

Synerise Certification Program
Certification Program

This is the story of:

How as a technology company,

we are focusing on a self-service approach, based on user-friendly design, development of technical documentation, use cases and other training materials.

How 2 years ago,

we started building a Partner channel which is extremely important to us.

How as a consequence of our actions,

increasingly more specialists and technological partners with knowledge of Synerise began to appear on the market, with a growing need for competencies to be verified and "documented".

And this is exactly the context behind how the Synerise Certification Program was born.

So we got to work! First, we established the strategy and principles of how our program should work. We then started producing content and needed to decide what technology to use. We analyzed available tools on the market that would allow us to introduce the program quickly and easily.  

Certification Program

What were our main criteria for the choice in technology?

  • Flexibility of the certification system - we wanted the complete freedom to build the logic behind achieving certain certification paths.

  • The possibility to introduce gamification elements (for example, certification points needed to be obtained to achieve a certain certification level).

  • The ability to work on a tool without involving IT resources

  • Implementation time - we wanted the certification to be released as soon as possible.

  • The cost factor

Unfortunately, we were unable to find an adequate tool on the market that would meet our most important criteria to a satisfactory level. The biggest reservations we had were:

Flexibility and gamification - we were unable to find a tool that would give us full freedom in this area. We had to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and partners, not to disappoint them.


● In most of the tools we would need to involve a frontend team for each personalization.

Having considered all the pros and cons, we decided to build a Certification Program entirely based on our own platform.

Blurred imageSynerise Certification Program

If you’re wondering what the Synerise Certification application architecture consists, here is an overview of the 4 consisting elements:  
● Backend application with certification logic ("certification heart") 
● Relationship layer ("program engine") 
● Visualization layer ("content management") 
● Calculation layer ("scoring system")

Main elements of the Synerise Certification app 

Program Engine

To start, we have created the "certification heart" with the whole program logic to include:

Certification levels

(Fundamentals, Professional, Master)

Elastic certification paths within each level

(Automation, Communication, Integration, etc.)

Unique logic per exam within the paths

(number of questions, time given to take test, percentage per threshold, number of available attempts, question pulls etc.)

Elastic exam question formats

(open/closed, single/multiple choices, with or without an image questions)

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