In-app messages

In-app messages are designed to enhance the user experience in your mobile application without ever being intrusive. Customizable layouts can personalize content and style to create the perfect in-app message to fit your brand. Using Synerise segmentation, you can target and engage the most relevant audience.

Driven by events 

Respond promptly to your app users' actions. In-app messages are triggered by events in the mobile app, allowing you to create even better contextual messages based on user behavior. As a result, you always reach them with relevant, personalized messages tailored to each user's specific actions.


Boosted by segmentation 

With Synerise Analytics' powerful segmentation capabilities, you can be sure that your communications will reach the right audience by leveraging the full potential of your user base.


Unlimited creation possibilities 

With the content builder available, the possibilities for creating content for your communications are almost endless. Choose one of the available layout types and match it to the style of your application and your specific business need.


Just in time 

Managing your in-app message communication time has never been easier. Whether you plan for long-term communication or need to communicate quickly with your users, you can choose either option.


Smarter limits 

There is nothing worse for a user than getting too many messages. Use the communication limitation mechanism to manage the frequency of communications over time. In addition, a communication prioritization mechanism will make it easier for you to select key communications for your users.



As with other campaign types, you can fully personalize your communications. This ranges from using profile attributes as variables to nesting analysis and recommendations into your message.


Selected Use Cases

With in-app messaging, you can release new scenarios for communicating with users based on various interactions with your application. The possibilities are vast, allowing you to use this tool according to your specific business needs. Some of the possible scenarios could include:

• Onboarding process right after downloading the app - you can educate your users on how to use the app, so they can better understand the app and use all the options provided,

• Using in-app messaging as a tool to inform users about some important updates in the app,

• Showing personalized offers and customized discounts to each user displayed after performing a certain action.


Key elements

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    The best way to engage active users in a mobile application

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    Intelligent prioritization mechanism

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    Message rendered by Synerise mobile SDK directly in application

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    No Firebase integration required

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    Ability to fully customize and personalize content with AI recommendations

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    Don't require disabling consent for push notifications on your device