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Adding images and multimedia to the e-mail templates

In Synerise you can easily create e-mail message in Synerise E-mail Builder. In few easy steps you are able to create email templates for your campaigns with great looking images.


  • you can easily edit your images without specialist graphical skills – our email builder is equipped with intuitive image editor
  • you can create image library and reuse your graphics in new templates whenever you like
  • your images (and also other elements of the template) will look good at every devices  – it will adapt automatically to the screen of different sizes

Synerise solution

To add image to your template, first drag Image box from the Content menu and drop it to the appropriate part of the template structure.

email buider4

Then click Browse button.


Then click Add new file or Import from button, and choose an image. When it is uploaded Click Insert icon which is located on the right side of the file.


Click an image in your template to open additional menu on the right side. You can then:

  • edit your image
  • change it
  • add alternative text (if it will not be seen in mailbox)
  • insert a link – it is especially important because your subscribers will click on images in your emails. To be more efficient, add link to every single image you insert to your template. You can do it in the highlighted place below.


Click Edit image button to open the image editor, where you can scale the image, crop it, set contrast, add effects, change orientation and many more.


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