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Automated emails with products from abandoned shopping cart

According to recent research 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale, that means that for every 100 potential customers, 67 of them will leave without purchasing. So each day you’re losing potential orders. Thanks to automated emails with abandoned shopping cart you are able to reduse this loss, because they are sent to customers who have added products to their cart but didn’t buy it.

In Synerise, you can send information to customers about abandoned products in shopping carts in two ways:

  • abandoned shopping cart – list, here your customer will get all items from his shopping cart
  • abandoned shopping cart – item, here you can sent to your customer particular item from his shopping cart


  • with emails with abandoned shopping cart you’re well equipped to convince  customers to complete their purchase – it’s the best way to increase your profits
  • you will increase customer’s loyalty because you will show that you know them and their needs

Synerise solution

If you want to prepare email with abandoned shoping card go to the Synerise Email creator and prepare your template. Add to it Dynamic content block from the content tab. When you click on it additional menu on the right side will opened. Choose if you want to sent whole abandoned shopping card (then choose Abandoned shopping cart – list) or first item from basket (then choose Abandoned shopping cart – item).


Set your template as Action in Automation rule so it will be automatically send to people who will not finish their purchase, and its products will dynamically changed on a basis of particular customer’s abandoned shopping cart.

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