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Building customers profile on a basis of demographic and behavioral data

Synerise builds a comprehensive 360 degree customer’s profile. This profile contains demographic and behavioral data collected in real time from your website, mobile app and other touch points, such as e-mail, POS, SMS, WiFi tracking and beacons.

Some information available on customer’s profile

  • customer’s name/nick name
  • demographics (gender, age etc.)
  • website (customer’s website, if he has any),
  • social media (links to customer’s social media accounts)
  • technical environment (customer’s IP, browser and operating system which he use etc.)
  • contact information (customer’s address, email, phone number etc.)
  • campaigns in which your customer takes part
  • information about segments your customer has been added to, or removed from
  • webpage visited by a customer
  • a product added to customer’s basket
  • purchased product
  • customer’s scoring points


Having comprehensive customer’s profile allows to:

  • reach your customers with marketing messages in the right time and place. Your advertisements will be more effective
  • discover customer’s buying patterns and increase sales
  • reduce costs because you will have all important customer’s data in one place
  • improve every interaction with your customer and increase his loyalty thanks to personalized messages

Synerise solution

In Synerise you will find your customer’s profile in CRM. When you open customer’s card on the left side you will see contact details. In the center you can find a chronological list of every interaction between you and your customer, including store visits, website visits, send e-mails, push notifications.


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