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Changing language of preview/resign link and resign page

Synerise users execute their campaigns in a variety of markets, including foreign markets. That’s why it’s so important to have ability change preview and resign links in email templates.

Synerise solution

  1. You can choose language of open in browser and resign link in email template creator. There is select option in right, top corner. Choose appropriate language version.

    REMEMBER: You can specify the language of links for each template separately. Selected language will be used for this template in automation also.
  2. You can also define language of open in browser and resign link during creation campaign.
    To change language of links choose appropriate language in Content tab during creation campaign. This option is a parent, even if a different language was set in the template previously.

How to create resignation page?

  1. Choose Settings module from the main vertical menu and click on Resign page option.
  2. Click Create new button (right, upper corner). You’ll pass to the new page creation view.
  3. Define name of your resign page template. It’s internal name.
    Specify language of resign page. If you choose English, the page will be assigned to all templates with English resignation links. Cognately with each language.
  4. In last step, you can paste HTML code of your resign page.
  5. Click Save button.

Your resign page will be displayed on list as inactive. To change its status click “Set active” icon.

Only one resign page can be active. However, different language versions of resign page can be active at the same time.

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